❥ Valentines Day Appropriate Reveal! + My H Journey

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  1. I have always enjoyed reading everyone's journey stories and reveals, and living vicariously through everyone else's magical moments of being offered their first Birkins and Kellys at the boutique. I never dreamed of starting a journey myself because I am impatient and I always took the reseller and personal shopper route. Plus I always thought it would never happen to me! Whenever I went to any of the local Hermes boutiques I would be told of the 4-year long waitlist (that most likely doesn't exist).. and even the Hermes boutiques in other countries I've visited would straightforwardly tell me that bags are reserved for their loyal clients. So I decided that I will not "play the Hermes game" and just pay the extra premium and get bags through trusted sellers instead. The only bag in my collection that came from the boutique was my skunk replacement from FSH Paris and I cherish it very much!

    Fast forward to a few months earlier, I heard that my local Hermes boutique was under new management, has been getting really nice stock of lots of items (not just bags) and that people are actually being offered bags for being loyal clients, having a good purchase history and a good relationship with the SAs and SMs. Basically the "Hermes game" is working. Thanks to my beautiful enabler @ShoooSh , I was recommended the name of an SA. I called the boutique to ask if she was available and went to meet her for the first time. She was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I am so glad I got to meet such a wonderful SA!

    So back in December I started going to the boutique frequently and bought several different items. Nothing that I don't truly want though! I bought home items, RTW, shoes, etc.. And so one day I mentioned to my SA that my birthday was the following month and it is my dreeeam to purchase a bag and have that boutique experience. She asked me what my wishlist was and I said Birkin 25 or Kelly 25/20 in a POP color since all the bags in my collection are in neutral colors. To my surprise, a couple of weeks before my birthday in January, my wonderful SA asked me if I would like a mini Kelly!!! I did not expect it at all. I was in the boutique on a random regular visit and was not expecting to be offered that day at all! I was taken into the fitting room at the back and the SA came in with two boxes!! I was so excited I could barely keep from squealing lol! First came a gorgeous Rose Pourpre PHW Chevre Mini Kelly, and next was a jaw dropping Rose Extreme GHW Epsom Mini Kelly. Guess which one I picked??

    Ahhh I can't believe I was offered within 2 months!! I am so grateful to my wonderful SA and my sweet sweeeet enabler @ShoooSh :love: :heart: :heart: 27F17D16-B049-43C0-8C17-5BBFD03C7117.jpeg 93F64B06-99F3-41E9-BFC3-77BA461950D3.jpeg
  2. The color is a lot brighter IRL it is this beautiful bright pink red... TO DIE FOR! Here she is with her other baby B sister!
    75A69490-4383-4441-BCC4-DF1C92E3DE01.jpeg E0F70910-F977-426A-A5DD-78FB26AC60F7.jpeg
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  3. That is the cutest bag. So happy for you, nothing like that boutique experience.
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  4. What a nice experience! Congratulations and happy Valentine’s Day! :heart:
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  5. What a great starts for you
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  6. Gorgeous!
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  7. So beautiful! I have an RE C24 and love the color. It's so vibrant but impossible to photograph accurately. Congrats!
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  8. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story, @foxyqt. Your Rose Extreme mini K is wonderful.Congratulations and Happy Valentine's Day! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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  9. Your Rose Extreme is a beauty!
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  10. Congratulations and happy belated birthday!
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  12. Happy birthday and enjoy this in good health!
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  13. Congratulations! It’s soooo beautiful! I’m sure this added sparkles to your day...
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  14. RE in epsom does have a pinkish tone - its beautiful. Congratulations!
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  15. Congrats! IMO, RE is the best pink H has come out with. Your bag is a beauty!
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