Valentine's day and Bday pressie

  1. I know it's been a few days but I've been out every night since Vday and haven't had the time to post anything. I really would like to share what my lovely BF bought for me with his first pay check though...:girlsigh:

    He is so sweet... this is the first time he's ever gotten me something from LV and it was a lovely experience because the SA Sarah was so sweet:angel:!

    Background story: I walked in to LV in Dec to ask if I could see a bag I wanted but after discussion with her she firmly suggested that I have to buy from Paris as it's be cheaper there! :shrugs:

    So on Vday when I walked in with my bf, she approached me to ask if I had bought the bag I wanted and how was my trip! I was estatic that she remembered me because I didn't even end up buying anything from her that time! So anyways, she served us and helped me decide on the Pochette Accessories and even gave me a box to store my Epi Petit Noe in!!!

    So, here goes ladies and gentlemen! :heart::heart::love::heart::heart: I've got so many LV pieces in my collection I think I can truly say I'm a fan!
    P2170360.JPG P2170361.JPG P2170362.JPG
  2. Very nice! Congrats
  3. They look wonderful together what great choices...enjoy
  4. Congrats, they look stunning together ! :yes:
  5. wow - very nice colour!! ... but I'd be so afraid to use that bag!
  6. That epi petite noe is gorgeous!! Congrats :heart:
  7. Thanks y'all!

    And you're right I got the pochette so that I can attach it to the D-ring inside my Noe to keep miscellaneous things like keys and lip-gloss to keep it organised. But last week this cheeky pen sneaked itself inside the bag and left two tiny pan marks on the alcantara of the Noe... I almost died of disappointment!

    After my bf bought this pouch for me he lectured me on nvr ever putting a pen inside ever again!!!
  8. Wow, what a nice bf & SA :tup: SA here is so thrifty... They seldom to give box. Congrats for your LV and HAppy B'day.
  9. Congrats on the pressies :smile:!
  10. yay, congrats!
  11. Beautiful! Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous! Congrats, I love the petit noe! :love:
  13. they look great together!
  14. the ivory epi is so so pretty! congrats and happy b-day!

    i really envy everyone with nice SA...the ones i've come across are so cold and unfriendly :sad: i'm almost scared to go buy anything from LV these days!!
  15. Wow, the Azur looks *STUNNING* against the Ivorie. :drool:

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!!