Valentine reveal! - Preloved Black Caviar Jumbo with Silver Hardware!

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  1. Have to start off by saying this has been a really nice Valentine's weekend and I hope everyone had a great one. Friday my husband brought our 14 month old up to my work with flowers and a massage gift card to surprise me. Then we went out to a great dinner last night and today it's just been nice to hang out with my little family. Luckily the weather in Tx was actually pretty today so I could take my little boy outside to play.

    Now back to Chanel. So I had posted a thread earlier this week asking for opinions on whether I was crazy to want a black jumbo with silver hardware when I already have one with gold. I had been eyeing all the reveals of the Chanel boy bag too and was going back and forth on what to get. I really want some Chanels that look a little more casual for weekend use. And as much as I love seeing everyone with their light colored flaps, being a new mommy I know I would flip out if I had color transfer, spilling, etc. or not use it because I would be scared of something happening. Basically knew I wanted another black bag that would be carefree.

    An opportunity came up last week to buy a pre loved pretty much new 16 series jumbo with silver from the best seller ever. She had the box, cards, dust bag, books, camellia flower, etc. so pretty much a new bag. She was really incredible and she's an authenticator I've used in the past so I felt safe as far as buying something pre owned.

    Well after stalking the postman I got it in yesterday and love it. Now I'm saving up for the Chanel Boy never ends. Thanks for the help and now it's time to introduce my new to me black caviar jumbo flap with silver hardware!

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  2. Congrats on your beautiful jumbo!
  3. congrats!!! ITS a fantastic bag enjoy :smile:
  4. Stunning! It looks brand new - even the presentation!
    Congrats - SB
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thanks I am loving it!
  7. I know! The seller actually said she was going to pack it the way it would look coming from the store. She really went the extra mile for me to make it special. Thanks for the reply!
  8. WOW You did good girlfriend!! This is such a great looking bag for being used. It looks brand new!! Good for you , enjoy it in good health xx
  9. Congrats on your iconic jumbo.
  10. Haha thx! I definitely lucked out.
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. It looks absolutely brand new! I love this combination. It is still on my wish list. Enjoy:happydance:
  13. Me too. The silver hardware just looks really fresh. I hope you get one soon!
  14. Oh my! So gorgeous! I love to get one in the future too :heart: congrats!
  15. I hope you do too! Thanks so much. :biggrin: