Valentine flap in black patent - anywhere?

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  1. I'm madly in love with this, but none of them in the states seem to have it. Called BG, NM, Saks, chanel boutique and hirshleifer's...all failed...I'm soooooo disappointed.

    Does anyone know where they may have this? I am ready to go out of the country border, now that I've exhausted all my sources...
  2. Call the 800
  3. She has red patent not sure of the black. Re: Chanel vday red patent flap
    it is bal harbour shops 9700 collins ave. bal harbour, fl 33154
    my sa is Carolina
    phone no. is 3058680550
  4. I tried the 1800, and no at least the states don't have it....calling for help from International TPFers~~ or those who are travelling .... want this so bad.

    US only have patent in red or black in lambskin...
  5. bump it up...anyone knows any information?
  6. Canada did not get black patent.
  7. When you called the 1800 number did you try asking if they could find it for you out of the US. I called a number once which I assume was the 1800 and they located a wallet for me out of the US, I was just not willing to pay the shipping fee which seemed excessive for something so small plus duty.
  8. just realized many chanel stores in EU are not sending them out of EU anymore, so need to wait and wait and wait for US to have it :'(