Valentine editions?

  1. I'm interested to find out what Chanel has produced for Valentine's in the past.

    If anyone has any pictures that would be superb. :yahoo:
  2. I'm interested to see as well :biggrin:! although valentines day isn't till netx year O_O?? Feb 14th?
  3. The valentines heart collection in 2006 was absolutelt to die for...missed it totally am lusting over everything from that was in pink and yellow with hearts everywhere and sexy logos in the middle of the hearts...from beachtowels to bikinis to flip flops to cute pouches...*sigh* if anyone could post pics Id be in heaven
  4. I recently saw a yellow bag with hearts on it on Bond Street Chanel, it might still be there, ask for Sarah Razvi, she is great!
  5. any pictures?
  6. I found this pix of a cute Valentine bag.

    I've know afew Pfers have the heart chain, would be grateful if you could post those as it seems alot of us love it.

    Many thanks.
    Chanel Valentine Bag.JPG
  7. the heart bag is TDF, the only thing keeping me from searching the ends of the earth for it is its size....too small for me, if it were the size of the jumbo flap i would be obsessing like mad

    PS I already have a smallish fabric Chanel: the baby animal
  8. I remember a few years back the lovely bags with the heart chain! But I wasn't able to get my hands on one. Does anyone have pictures of these?!
  9. Here's the evening bag size (purple) and the medium size (pink)
    front_closeup.jpg back_overview.jpg IMG_6934.jpg
  10. Those are gorgeous Jen!
    Lily has Fuschia and Pink, they are stunning too.
    Such lucky ladies!!!!
  11. the pouchettes cute anyone know where i can find it in pink please...i know its a long shot but miracles have happened here.
  12. SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I lvoe the pink one.
  13. mello_yello_jen, I love your bag! I have a question for you, are the hearts uncomfortable to hold since they are not totally smooth? I was scoping one of these out on eBay but was wondering about that. Thanks in advance, sorry to high jack the thread!
  14. Aww thanks! The purple one has gone to a new owner but the pink one is forever mine's, haha.
  15. thanks :smile: