Valentine Chain

  1. Anybody out there think I have a snowball's chance in getting one of these???
  2. I've only seen them on eBay, and it's been a while since I've seen it there. Good luck in finding one.
  3. Hi there. :smile: Let me preface this by saying for all I know, this could be a blatant fake (there is no reserve price, seller feedback is extremely low, and the starting price is ridiculously low)... but I'm no bag expert. :p Anyway, here is the link:

    -Personally, I think the pictures are terrible... way, way too small... no hologram shown, etc. etc. If the seller cannot provide detailed pictures, then IMHO, it isn't worth the heartache of potentially winning a bag you've been dying for only to find out that it's a horrible fake. :sad:

    Anyway, post the link in the Authenticate This thread... and good luck! :tup:
  4. I think it looks fake from the workmanship :tdown:

    But then again, better to have more opinions on this!
  5. aww Minal, you're so sweet for helping others try to look for the bag! :heart:

    Unfortunately the bag in the link is fake so beware bidders!
  6. Aww, ohh no, I thought so. :crybaby: Sorry to have posted a fake (when it's too good to be true...)... I figured as much, but in the .001% chance that it had been real, I wanted a pfer to snag it! :heart:
  7. it's the thought that counts! :heart:
  8. Makes you sick, doesn't it -- these fakes. It's scummy enuf but the "butt wipe" (sorry, this really cheeses me no end) knows this bag is so sought after. Someone enlighten me how to get this posting off the bay!
  9. Jenn: It's still at Chanel (since 7/21). No doubt it's going to take a lot to revive it. Promise I'll post pics when it comes back, no matter what she looks like. Whoever owned this bag shouldn't be allowed to carry a paper Chanel shopping bag let alone a Chanel purse! (Buying it felt more like a rescue attempt.)
  10. As PPs said, that one posted is DEFINITELY fake. Here are pics of mine for a comparison.
    Look at the differences in the quilting and the heart chain itself.

    The interior is also all wrong.

    These do pop up periodically on eBay, but the last one I saw went for over $2K... good luck!
    Chanel heart chain copy.jpg Chanel heart chain hand WM.jpg Chanel heart chain small copy.jpg
  11. tweetie- your bag is tdf! goregous!