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    Hi ladies, is this the valentine's chain flap? It got surface dirt and scratches all over, just wondering what would be a reasonable price to buy it for :sweatdrop:
  2. Yes, it's the Valentine heart chain bag, which is still sought by many, so price is a matter of whatever the market will bear. Chanel can clean this bag. It's worth the cleaning and using on special occasions or better yet it's own purse altar. (BTW, the strap is rather short so it will not fit over a bulky coat.)
  3. Yup - it looks like mine. It's still very highly sought after. Most are still selling for retail or above retail (It was about $1700 when it came out several years ago). It depends on how dirty it is (hard to tell from the pics). If it's bad, I would wait.
  4. Thanks a lot jmen and tweetie! From the picture it looks pretty dirty, so I think I might as well save money for a purple flap ;)
  5. There was one of these on eBay awhile back that was severely dirty. I believe someone on this forum purchased it and it looked absolutely beautiful when she got it back from Chanel. Just wanted to post that.
  6. That's the one I purchased. It was in extremely poor condition (almost completely trashed). Chanel did a superb job, so much so I should name her Lazarus. I have bashed Chanel's CEO for the price increases, but cudos to their staff who brought this bag back to life.
  7. oh my... if anyone sees this flap or has any intel of anyone whose letting go of her, please don't forget me! LOL!
  8. TD4 bag and really want the colour too!
  9. This bag is my HG too....still hunting for one....hehe
  10. me too...i really really want one! thanks.
  11. Gosh I remember seeing this on the shelf at my local NM when it was first released. It was there for quite awhile. I remember thinking to myself its too cutesy and I would never use it and who would buy that?? And look now! It's one of the most sought after!! I even want another opportunity to purchase it. What a goof I am for passing it up! If I only knew then what I know now!
  12. ^ OT but your avatar is toooooo cute!!!
  13. please go re-read the rules before posting again
  14. There's no buying and selling here :nogood:
    You can look on eBay for one but they don't come up very often. Good luck!
  15. I love that bag in fuschia!!!
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