valentina satchel

  1. I just checked online again and they no longer have it! :sad: I can't find it anywhere now !!
  2. Thanks! I saw it on the website. Ive been kinda lusting for the mint one now so I think I'll keep my eye for that one on the website :p
  3. I don't think you will find the mint one unless someone returns it. It is pretty much sold out everywhere. Good luck.
  4. so excited for the white Valentina satchel coming late April! :smile:
  5. I know you ladies are all about the satchel and that was my favorite. Unfortunately, it sold out on Botkier's website before I could snag one for myself. I decided to get the Valentina hobo in mint instead and it came yesterday. The color is a pretty pale shade and although I thought it was rather big when I took it out, when I loaded it up today, it had a slouch to it. I'm looking forward to wearing this one for the season. I definitely don't need new bags, but I certainly don't have anything in this color.
  6. ^That is Gorgeous, fshn! The Mint color looks beautiful in the hobo style. Would love to see some mod shots!
  7. I just ordered this bag, too! :p Did you get yours from Endless?
    It is so pretty--the color and the leather--but I think I may have to return mine. I bought it thinking it could be my regular purse for every day for the spring and summer, but I am hard on my bags and I think this will get dirty and scratched very quickly if I use it a lot. I'm also not sure that how the strap is sewn to the bag will be very secure. :-s It really is beautiful, though!
  8. I posted a few pics on my blog, but here is one pic of me wearing it yesterday.
  9. I ordered mine from Botkier's website. I tried to find the mint bag online yesterday and that color seems to be pretty popular since it's sold out at several retailers.
    It is a pretty color, but I completely understand why you may return it. Light colors can be tough to deal with stain-wise. I'm thinking I might need to get some leather protector.
  10. ^ I believe the botkier team recommended using apple leather guard. I usually hang out in the coach forum and the coachies swear by that stuff. They put many coats on so it forms an invisible shield and people have ended up dirtying the bag but if there are enough coats on the leather most stains came right offsite a damp towel. I fell in love with the dove satchel and I finally found one online and it's on it's way to me! I plan to put a coat of apple guard on mine when it gets here!
  11. I carried the blush Valentina satchel for the first time yesterday and I have to say I am ready to return it. There is no slide pocket in the back, only the twist lock pocket in the front, so every time I had to take my ID or money, I had to twist the lock open. THen the pocket is so deep that the contents tend to slide under whatever's in the main compartment of the bag, so it makes it harder to fish out. Then it takes two hands to twist the lock closed. While everyone else in line is waiting behind me, tapping their foot.

    After a few times dealing with this I was ready to switch back to my Halogen leather satchel.

    Also the handles are tall and were awkward to deal with (and awkward looking) when I wore the shoulder strap. I had two books, a notebook and a pencil box in the bag and it felt like the strap was strained (though the handles didn't feel strained).

    It just felt frustrating, though I love the delicious color. To be honest, I bought it online from looking at photos and if I had seen it in person and carried it, I wouldn't have been so carried away. That's what I get for online shopping I guess.
  12. I just received mine in the mail, in dove colour. I really like it. I agree the strap isn't that well designed. For such a large purse that seems meant to carry more than just a wallet and your phone, I would've planned for a slight shorter strap or a patch where the strap is wider on the shoulder to make it more comfortable. I'm of the belief that the shoulder handles will eventually flop over nicely once broken in as the leather is still new and stiff. Otherwise I really like the purse. I've only carried it around the house, planning to use it once I apple guard it and the weather is warmer.
  13. Glad I didn't get the satchel after reading this, thanks! I have the black Valentina Shoulder and I love it so much I pre ordered another in natural snake! :smile:
  14. Thanks for all the great feedback on VALENTINA. It sold out almost immediately this Spring. Both the satchel and crossbody are equally as popular and the price points are fab at $295 and $395 respectively. These bags are lightweight with thinner straps and feminine detailing. We opted not to add back slip pockets in the satchel because the turn lock on the front is the outside pocket. The top zip makes it easy to get into the main compartment which has a lot of slots and pockets already. Can you ever really have enough pockets? That is always the question! We are bringing it back this late April and in the Fall in new yummy colors.
    VALENTINA_SAT_BLUSH3_product_page.jpg VALENTINA_SAT_CIN_INSIDE_product_page.jpg