Valentina Pinault: First Picture of Salma Hayek’s Daughter

  1. Here is the very first photo of Salma Hayek with her 2-month-old daughter Valentina Pinault on Tuesday, Nov. 20.
    This is Salma’s first child and her French fiancé Francois-Henri Pinault’s third.
    The photo was released earlier today by her reps at I/D Public Relations.
    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  2. Awe.
  3. What a cute little girl! Love her name. She will sure look a lot like her mom.
    Gorgeous ppicture. Can't wait to see more.
  4. How cute is she! Hate the name though...
  5. So Adorable!
  6. OOHHH what a cutie. She's gonna be gorgeous like her Mama.
  7. Ohhh just adorable!
  8. What a little cutie!! :tender:
  9. Beautiful child, love Salma !
  10. What a beautiful baby.
  11. Salma looks gorgeous and her daughter is too.
  12. Aww! Congratulations to the proud parents!
  13. ooooh, so so cute!! Congrats to them!
  14. I :heart: the name Valentina!!! The baby is adorable!!!:tender:
  15. Aw, shes really gorgeous. I like the name too. Valentina is lovely.