Valentina bags from Marshalls - any opinions?

  1. Eyed italian Valentina handbag at Marshalls, it's made in Italy, very nice quality, glazed leather and very functional straps, compartments, etc. I really like how it looks and how well it's made. Can anyone tell me how they wear? They seem to be very sturdy. I am looking for a sharp looking, workhorse handbag.
  2. Never heard of the brand before. Sorry, hope the others can help.
  3. I keep seeing it at Marshalls occasionally but used to think that at $85 it's very expensive, haha! Not anymore.:nuts:
  4. I've seen them at my Marshalls also. It looks like good quality leather.
  5. I like the bags.....I just don't like the gold hardware on most.
  6. I have two Valentina purses, both purchased from Marshall's one year and two years ago respectively, and love them both. Very nice quality at a good price. I'm extremely pleased with them and would highly recommend the brand.
  7. I'm in Italy now, and Valentina seems pretty popular here. They have a few independent stores, but the brand also sells in dept stores and places of that nature. I don't know how well they hold up though, as I do not own one myself. If you like it, go for it! That's really not a bad price.
  8. Whoa! Just ran across this forum and just want to give a shoutout to all the handbag fans like myself!

    I just purchased a black Valentina bag from Marshall's today. It cost $129 and it has a black, soft, pebbly texture. I bought the larger, matching weekend tote a month ago for $169 and let me say, I feel like I should be in Vogue or Essence. I love this brand and will definitely purchase it in the future.

    The quality of the leather is excellent, the hardware (mine is silver) is wonderful as well. If I see black with gold hardware from them, I will purchase them as well.

    TJ Maxx and Marshall's have been having the biggest luxury handbag blowouts for months now! I live in Maryland, but shop in both Maryland and VA and let me tell you, Vienna, VA (home to some of the wealthiest people in the nation) has the most spectactular bags as well as shoes. Not to mention the clothing...Badgley Mischka, CK of course, etc. Honestly, outside of high-end Cali or NY stores, this has to be one of the hottest TJ Maxx locations in the country!

    Run, don't walk to TJ Maxx or Marshall's! You won't be sorry!
  9. I purchased a cream leather Valentina handbag 5 years ago at Marshalls. I still use it every day. The leather is similar to the classic Dooney Bourke style and is very durable. I think this purse is every bit as durable as former DB' s I've owned as well as Coach bags. Buy away ladies, they are wonderful and well worth the measly 85.00 - this bag still looks new. No loose threads, no sign of wear at all.
  10. :biggrin:Love Valentina handbags. I have 2 for last 4 years and I still wear them and they look great. Excellent leather, soft but sturdy. I am looking to buy in another color. I have olive green and brown.
  11. I fell in love tonight with a Valentina purse from Marshalls but the color was not one I fanc I am wondering if there is a place online to buy these online or only at marshalls and tjs?
  12. I bought one from them before. The quality is decent. Check for troubles with the hardware. The screws that held mine together broke shortly after I bought it. I could still wear it but the sides look akward. I'm sure you can buy them SOMEWHERE. I just have no clue where else....
  13. I saw three of them today at TJMaxx - 3 different styles. They looked like really nice bags and very well made.
  14. I see them often at Marshalls. Their prices are from 89.99 and up. They look nice, but they're always the bigger bags so I feel they're too big for me. The quality looks good for that price, and they're very pretty for anyone who happens to like the certain styles they have in stock.
  15. I am obsessed with ValentinA bags!!!! I got one at TJs and sold on eBay, than I got a backpack on eBay (great deal). And since then I keep buying only Valentina. They look expensive, and they are expensive in regular retail $300 and up... Great quality italian leather and they last for a lifetime, when proper cared for. I am trying to restore some of the vintage ones I got. I love them :smile: They also come in silver tone hardware. :lol: