Valari Flats @ Macy's ~ $55!!

  1. I took my daughter to the mall to buy her birthday gift...camel ergo tote w/PCE...

    We headed down to Macy's just to check for a skull luck...

    Then saw the big shoe clearance. 50% to 70% off plus an extra 20% off. They had lots of Coach shoes and sandals on the racks. I got the black Valari's for $55.18!

  2. :drool:

    If only I didn't have ugly preggo feet...

    My feet are GROWING-- my 8.5s are getting to short!!! :crybaby:

    NO shoes until this little one is OUT! :cursing:
  3. wow my macys the valaris were regular price... but they had a ton of other shoes 50% off ... mostly all the shoes except the ones that came out this month and last month
  4. wow!!! great deal!! must go to macy's.

    actually, no. no macy's, can't spend money. :p

    congrats though!!
  5. SHUT UP!!!! I need to find them!!!
  6. Thanks! I'm going to check them out tomorrow!
  7. If anyone can find them in an 8 or 8.5, please pick them up for me as long as they are not final sale! :tup:
  8. I was at Macy's tonight. I saw those flats, but they looked hideous on my feet. The only other ones I saw were the khaki/white Kara Espadrilles and the Kakhi/White Sydney sandals/flip-flops (which I bought for $39!!):yahoo: They go PERFECTLY with my Khaki/White Sig Stripe Swingpack! WOOOHOOO!! :tup::tup:

    I didn't see ANY of the other Coach shoes on sale though :sad: Kat, you saw LOTS of Coach shoes on sale???? I wonder why it would be different from store to store?!?! I am going to the other Macy's in town TOMORROW...gotta see if there's more over there!
  9. yeah there were tons... i think it was a one day sale... but they re not likely to be marked down.. the tag on the shoes already had the 50% off price written on it i think... they had those nicola flats, a lot of heels, a lotttt of heels, some sandals, most of the stuff i dont think is in the coach store... well except mayras and halaris... and those canvas/brown or canvas/green pumps and/or sandals... and the signature 2" heel shoes.. the conservative looking ones.. and ballet flats... TONS!
  10. oh and some espadrilles too
  11. Congrats!! I wanted to get a pair yesterday but they didn't have my size left. I ended up just getting the Mayras for $99+tax.
  12. Dammit! My Macy's doesn't carry Coach shoes!:cursing:

    Congrats, though! Those are beauties!
  13. Great deals ladies. In CA they never have any good sales like that. I seen the Valari flats today for $138 regular price. I feel lucky when I get 25% off regular priced shoes.
  14. OMG i want those so so so much in gold!!!!! Oooh, i hope i have time to run to Macy's tomorrow, and i definitely hope they have some on sale!!!:drool:
  15. Wow, good deal. Too bad I already have them. They're not all that comfortable if you have to stand in them all day. There is no support and the elastic strap leaves marks on your feet.