valantines reveal

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  1. [​IMG]yesterday this little beauty arrived, its a valentines present from my dh but i have taken a sneeky peek and some pictures. he he, and will have to wait to recieve it formally. planning on using as an everyday bag. the leather is beautiful so soft....
  2. woooohoooooooo!!!! :biggrin:

    cant wait :biggrin:
  3. more
  4. ooooo whats in the bag!
  5. oh just saw the i love you card, cute! an alexa!
  6. Ooooo live reveal, Alexa ?
  7. and here it is.... oak mitzy messenger.[​IMG]
  8. i knew it would be mitzy or alexa! congrats you lucky girl!
  9. I am in love with Mitzy's at the moment....Am waiting for a Blueberry messenger.....Enjoy....And happy Valentines day...!
  10. Congrats !!! Mitzy is a fabulous bag, yours look lovely !
  11. Congrats - that is one great Valentine's gift!
    I too love the Mitzy messenger - got mine yesterday from my-wardrobe. Haven't ventured out with mine get but can't wait to.
    My-wardrobe must be loving us tpf girls!!!
  12. Love Mitzy - well wear:yahoo:

    I think my-wardrobe should have a permanent 20% discount-just for tPFers :nuts:
  13. Fantastic Valentines gift! :yahoo:
  14. Congrats, this is beautiful.
  15. yes i agree!! just been looking at quidco girls and they have increased c@shback to 11% and there is a free shipping code to!