vain LV lovers?

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  1. Today I read a report about a lady arrested for holding up a drugstore because her child was having an asthma attack in the car and she couldn't afford the medicine. About the same time the mailman delivered a package with an expensive LV item, and I felt guilty as hell that I was spending that kind of money for a frivilous item and she couldn't buy medicine.
    It made me wonder...why do we love Louis Vuitton items?

    Is it because they're well made? (lots of cheaper ones are too)

    Or is it because in our heart of hearts we love the looks and comments from people?

    P.S. Please don't throw rotten veggies at me;);)
  2. I don't think you should feel guilty. If she couldn't afford her kid's medication, she shouldn't be buying LV, and she certainly shouldn't be holding up drugstores! I know I am fortunate to be able to afford nice bags, but no one is entitled to own them!
  3. Personally, I feel that what everyone spends their money on is their own business. You should never feel bad and no one should ever MAKE you feel bad because of what you spend your money on-you earned it, right?

    Yes I like LV. Yes, sometimes I wish it wasn't so conspicuous, simply BECAUSE of all those comments people make. I'm more shy anyway, so I don't LIKE the attention but I like my bags. Plus, I could really do without the snide comments from my neighbors sometimes about "well I don't spend xx on anything like purses or jewelry." Um yeah but you take a yearly blowout vacation, I don't and at least I still have my bag once your vacation is over.

    ANYway, sorry, I get on a rant when people act like that. I love my bags and I love LV itself; the variety of styles, colors, accessories etc.
    I feel that if you love something you should get it and not care what others think. Heck, half of the items I have are ones that people don't like (i.e. Murakami's pieces: "too childish" and Vernis: "too plastic-y"), so it's pretty obvious that I don't buy things to show off for others.

    My .02, I don't really know if it answered the question though. :P
  4. edited: just re-read the post.

    OP, you shouldn't feel bad because we spend $$ own our own will and what makes us happy. Sure, there are ppl starving, but you can't always beat yourself up by not getting what you want because you know there are others ppl who are suffering.

    I try to do good deeds whenever I can because I feel like I could help out others. During down time when I can't, then I go donate blood. LOL!
  5. Dont feel guilty! I dont want to sound harsh but I wouldnt, because it's none of my business on what people spend on and vice versa.
  6. From what I understood,I think the OP was the one who got the LV not the lady she was talking about.
  7. Ok just to add, the story the OP posted wasn't about a lady who bought LV.

    The lady in the story had robbed a pharmacy because her child had asthma and couldn't afford the medicine; but the OP feels bad because as SHE heard that story, she received an LV bag she ordered so she feels guilty for buying LV when others can't afford medicine for their children.
  8. Too bad I wasn't there. I would buy her the medicine.
  9. Ohhh, goodness, I'm illiterate! In any event, harsh as it may seem there has always been, and there will always be, a disparity in what people can afford.
  10. i feel bad, but theres nothing i can really do but donate money when i can.. but i work hard for the money i use to buy stuff. so why should i feel guilty.. sometimes i wonder if i really need it or should i spend that money elsewhere but thats a whole other story..
  11. It is sad, but those people aren't affected by us buying LV. We should also be allowed to spend our money on whatever we want, although it is nice to use some of it to help others.
  12. Its well made, expensive, (I love expensive stuff and I have no idea why),
    having expensive things that alot of other people dont have. Thats pretty much why I love Vuitton.
  13. I try to donate as much as I can to makes me feel good to do for others. I also try to donate as much time as I can in helping others out. I know what you mean when you read these does put things into perspective and make you think.
  14. I feel bad too, but mostly when I expose myself to it and see images in the media. For me it's not so much what I see in the country I live in, but the images of just utter poverty, squalor and hunger that people in third world countries endure. It breaks my heart and makes me feel so shallow and guilty for spending.

    At moments like this I do think of tpf and a what if scenario. What if...we all collectively put together a fund, we here clearly have the wherewithall being that we are luxury goods buyers. I wondered if we could do something...put off an item and use those bag funds for a 'higher' cause, like delay it basically and in that way people are helped. I never thought to propose it though. I know my purse budget is around $1,200 a year, the price of one new LV bag or 2 used LV bags on ebay which is what I always do instead of spending a large chunk at once. I have thought about going for just one bag and putting the other bag fund money into charity. Anyway, this is a great online discussion, I never had the guts myself to start a thread like this, so hats off to you OP!
  15. if i can't afford medicine i'd be selling my lv bags not buying more... health is more important than a luxury item, as much as i love my luxury items from purses to shoes to clothing i make sure i'm in good health and not starving myself to save a few dollars either. they should be bought with "extra" money not our school tuition etc.