vaction help oahu or mexico cruise or land

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  1. so we want to take that honey moon we never had. when we got married we where poor now we are in the middle and would love to take a trip just us no kids . should we do oahu or cancun or cabo and then should we do a cruise or just fly in and stay in a hotel and do our own thing . please tell me about your trips or friends and family trips. the only thing i hate about cruise is you have to pay a lot for drinks and i hear the food is bad . and if you stay in a hotel on your own you can always go to a grocer and buy sodas and chips and stuff . i also was thinking of do the bahamas but my husband said no cause we are taking our kids on the disney cruise to the bahamas in a few years . we are trying to stay under $5,000 for the hotel and food anyway tnaks for the advice
  2. I vote for hawaii.
  3. so one vote for oahu
  4. I vote for "cruise" :smile: There is something about being on a ship that is SO soothing! Depending on where you live, where you'd board the ship, airfare, the category of accommodation you choose, you should be within that $5000 budget. We flew from Alberta, Canada to San Diego, and did a 10 day cruise for a few hundred $$$ less than that. We had one or 2 glasses of house wine with dinner every night, and a cocktail before. Our shore excursions cost around $500 of the total budget. Our wine and cocktails were around $300 or so, I think. We didn't buy a lot of stuff onshore, though I did set off the metal detector on the way home with my new Mexican silver jewelry.

    We've never had any issues with cruiseship food -- some of it is spectacular, some of it is pretty ordinary, but overall is is quite good IMHO.

    Two advantages to cruising -- you get to see several places while unpacking only once, and you're never wondering where you're going to end up for dinner. It'll be one of the ship's restaurants.

    There's a cruiseline for everybody and cruise prices are lower this year than last.
  5. i am biased..i am a cruise fanatic - so i'd say Cruise!!!
    There are some amazing deals right now for mexican riviera cruises ...i am going on one by the way:smile: and once you go - you will be addicted!! its the best way to spend time wont regret it, just make sure you do your research on the ship and make good decision with the cruise line:smile:
  6. yeah if i cruise im looking at norwegian,carnival,princess,royal
  7. i highly recommend ROyal Caribbean and Holland AMerica
    i had awesome experience!!
  8. I would stay away from Carnival if you want a nice relaxing cruise with the DH. Dh and I cruise every year and have been on Carnival, Royal, Princess, and a few others I cant remember the names of right now. We're actually cruising with Carnival next wknd. The only reason I went with that company was because I had very specific dates of travel due to school, otherwise I would have picked another line. I haven't had any problems with the food. The quality of the food can be hit or miss. I like the convenience and the price of cruising, but DH and I don't drink alot. Maybe 1 or 2 with dinner and here and there, but not continuously throughout the trip so although the prices are a tad high- I wouldn't say they are unreasonable. If it were me-I would look for a Hawaiian cruise. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck and let us know what you decide to do.
  9. I say Mexico-but it depends where you live. I live in Michigan and Hawaii is very far and over a lot of time zones. Cancun area is only 3 hrs away and an hour difference. Both of you can go to Mexico on a charter from apple or another company for under 2000 at a 5 star hotel. Or if you do not care about nightlife and want to relax Isla Mujeres is a 15 ferry ride off of Cancun and is unbelievable. great food totally safe and cute restaurants everywhere. Rent a gulf cart and tour the island, swim with dolphins, or go snorkel. The water is so blue calm and you can walk far out before it gets deep. Many nice hotels there, A new one privileges aluxes is 30% off and has suites and rooms with Jacuzzis on the balcony. I was on the island in June and going back in December.
  10. my vote for your belated honeymoon is Hawaii :heart: Maui is especially romantic but if you want to visit Oahu and stay away from Waikiki, the Ihilani is nice.
  11. Hawaii, specifically Kauai. Gorgeous island, lots of beautiful quiet beaches. Google the Napali Coast and Waimea Canyon. WOW!!!
  12. op, where are you coming from?

    If you're an american, please consider staying in the US! lol the 50th state needs all the tourist it can get.

    if you're not an american, please consider Oahu anyway! there are so many nationalities visiting, that there's something to please and intrigue everyone.
    it's a fantastic island with a lot of exploring & fun. waikiki is only a small portion of what oahu has to offer.
  13. above poster yes we are american . i was also thinking about vegas but since im not hot i know i cant get into any of the fun clubs so i gave up on vegas. we live in north carolina but we use the norfolk virginia airport
  14. Between Hawaii and Mexico - I vote Hawaii. If you want to stay closer to home Bermuda is beautiful
  15. I love Hawaii...we're going again in a few weeks. Mexico is fun, too, although Cancun is really Americanized and not really my thing. I think a cruise would be fun, just make sure it's not a cruise to Mexico. I haven't heard great things about those.

    Anyway, I would vote for Hawaii. You really can't beat it.