vachette bottom any tips...

  1. My LH has a vachette bottom and so far so not take it out in the rain or dare put it on the floor..any tips on how to get the patina effect sooner so, I can be less careful with my baby...anyone out there with a bag with vachette on the did you handle the vachette in the begining? Any tips welcomed...cannot wait for the carmel patina on the bag eventually....
  2. I am bad. I put my brand new MC alma on the floor when I got it. It actually still looks great but I only carried it for a few weeks. I put all my bags on the floor. They can't be perfect forever! :shrugs:

    I think Irene had suggested to place your bag in the sun to expedite the patina process! Might wanna try it!?!
  3. I got BBQ sauce on the bottom of my new white mc alma. I cried. Then my husband called the boutique and they said to use saddle soap on it to even out the color. It worked! It's not perfect, but it darkened the bottom vachetta and you don't notice the dark spot. We applied probably 4 applications of the saddle soap. If you do this, make sure you buff all the remaining soap completely off. It's softer now, too.
  4. how about keeping some baby wipes in your bag for eventualites? they'll keep your hands clean too, lol!.

    (I don't own anything with vachetta but this just occured to me.)
  5. ever thought of protecting it with something? SM or Apple Guard? I have Apple Guard and use it on my other leather things....and on my Wapity strap.

    so far so good :smile:
  6. Leather conditioner & putting the bag in a warm sunny place for a while will help the patina process along.
  7. I've used Wilson's leather protectant on my bags and so far, so good. The vachetta bottom is the only thing stopping me from wanting the Lockit. :shame:
  8. turn your bag upside down and put it infront of a window, remember to turn it. This way the bottom will get tanned :smile:
  9. Also - use the bag and try not to worry about the bottom. These bags are meant to be used. Enjoy it!!
  10. thanks guys...yeppp I am enjoying the bag and use it regardless so far so good just minor smudges but, think they will even out eventually...will tan the bottom in the window...great idea...what I loved about the bag was the vachette and zipper and LV bags with lots of patina on them...
  11. nah one of my bags with vachetta on the bottom is fine so far, it's about 1 yr old. I never put it on the floor, but besides this, everything else is do-able! haha and so far there's practically no stains unless you squint and ya...then you'll find some :biggrin:
  12. I have the large montsouris (packpack) with the vachetta bottom. It has a few strange stains, like oil or something and it does bother me a bit. But I used it as a diaper bag and when you have babies you can't make sure where of where you place your bag all the time, so I knew it was inevitable. It's a medium honey color now but the stains are still visible.
  13. I baby my LH and do not take it out in bad weather...that is what my speedy is for...also I am leaving it in the window to tan the bottom like bag fetish suggested...maybe after a month of tanning I will notice a difference in it in the begining to avoid those nasty stains on the vachette
  14. I'd probably just tan it in the sun or not care at all. It's meant to be used at the end of the end of the day.
  15. so true thanx