Vachette Ardennes?

  1. What is this leather? I never heard of it before....:oh:
  2. shopmom...I never did help but just wanted to say "hello".
    What are you looking at? Please share!!:roflmfao:
  3. Shopmom, it's a textured leather that's discontinued; I've got a Birkin in that, I'll try and take pics tomorrow for you...
  4. Oh, your funny Lovehermes.....I'm still drooling over the Ostrich Kelly that Ladyauthentic has otherwise there's nothing on the horizon.....I love to look at every H bag I can find on the internet and there was one made of this Ardennes which threw me 'cause I've never heard of it before. Let me see if I can find it and then I'll post the link....

    Duna....that would be great! Did you happen to stroll by that yummy little vintage store yet????
  5. shopmom...that would be fun to see that leather! Duna should be helpful too...thanks Duna! I love that Ostrich Kelly too - an ostrich Birkin or Plume would be nice also! This is a terrible addiction, but it beats gambling, drinking, smoking and drugs!
  6. Lovehermes....aint that the truth! I'm waiting to hear back from ladyauthentic about that Kelly....I do keep thinking about it and that's always a bad sign with me.
  7. Love it!! It does look like togo or the old coucheval leather.
    Oh...if you keep thinking about it...I don't know. Usually if I can't get something out of my mind it means I really love it.
  8. Yeah....I know....I think I'm going outside now and mow the lawn...that'll get my mind off it.
  9. Sounds like a good idea...I should go pull weeds the pricky kind and that should work for me!
  10. Sorry I was interrupted before and had to leave the computer momentarily. Ardennes is in fact more like Togo, and the close up pics of that Kelly show it pretty well. I will post pics tomorrow since it's almost dark here now...;)
  11. You are quite a girl lol!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. I remember Ardennes looking very much like Togo but very slightly stiffer. It also has a "drier" feel and a little more sheen.
  13. Here are the pics of my Vachette Ardennes Birkin....
    P1010657.JPG P1010658.JPG
  14. Duna, do you remember when Ardennes was discontinued, or at least, how old is the Birkin pictured?