1. Does anyone know if there are any bags that are all vachetta? I saw a petite bucket on eBay which said it was a special order but I can't find anything about all vachetta bags on elux.

    I also think I am the only person who likes the look of the the new vachetta. I don't care for the aged honey look. Anybody else weird like this? :confused1:
  2. i personally like the new vachetta as well, think it give the canvas more of contrast. There is a pic of SO Speedy that's all Vachetta :smile:
  3. how much would it be a speedy all in vachetta someone knows??

    and yes the vachetta are only SO
    bucket, petit noe, ellipse and some others I don't know
    I think they wouldn't do just anyone
  4. I saw a couple of all-vachetta Petit Noes on eBay the other day.
    i can't check right now otherwise I'd link to the pics.
  5. special order!
  6. Yep! We have seen quite afew recently on eBay.
  7. I had a SO Alma all vachetta. It will turn all patina within a year and only if you do it carefully. As much as I love vachetta it was a PITA to take care!
  8. wow! kewl!
  9. :wtf: :drool: pinki~ all vachetta Alma?? OMG, it must be stunning! My heart just skip a beat when i read your post, lol, have u post a pix of it?
    I only want to SO two piece, Vernis Speedy(of course it's a no from LV), and Med. Damier Koala Agenda-another no from SA, crap!
  10. :shame: No... I sold it in 2001 and had it for 5 years. This is a purse, if anyone talks about babying their other bags, would be the one you should baby because of all that vachetta. It drove me crazy and at the same time it was *drooling* beautiful! Makes the Alma in any other line plain in comparison. I use to miss it, but I was happy to at least have it for 5 beautiful years. Sold it to a very wealthy lady that lived in Oakland Skyline area; better side of Oakland. She loved it and could not believe it was so pristine and brand new in condition. *sigh*
  11. I have the large Vachetta Noe. I love it. Although, it's definitely not new anymore!
  12. isn't the nomade all vachetta? i was talking to my SA because they had some of the speedys and the lockits in the glass cabinet. he said when they pick it up they have to wear gloves because that it get a patina...??
  13. I like vachetta when it starts to patina, but I have to admit I get very nostalgic when I see brand new vachetta!
  14. you have to join the virgin vachetta club! ;)
  15. i like a golden-honey patina color...