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  1. I made a decision ladies!!! NO MORE bags with vachetta on the bottom of the bag, or corners etc...I recently purchsed the Stephen Mono..and LOVE it. However, if there is a speck of dirt on anything I wont carry it!! I am leaving town tomorrow and pulled out my Stephen and there was one spot on the left corner and I put it right back in the dust bag and I KNOW I will not carry it again. (maybe I need LV counseling) :nuts: Tomorrow at this time I will be in my LV store...Im going to stock up on things I WILL carry!! Is anyone else a little wierd like this???? (be gentle);)
  2. Lol...actually no I'm not. I think the spots and patina give the bags character.
    But that's just me :yes:
  3. I don't have any bags with vachetta on the bottom, but I haven't bought the MC Petit Noe because of this. I've been looking at other MC's but I keep coming back to Noe pics. I'll wait for spring time.:girlsigh:

    I don't mind patina or even little bumps and whatnot, but yeah, I don't like carrying bags that are dirty or look dirty.
  4. I am still too paranoid to own anything with vachetta on the bottom or corners! I had the Audra for a few days and was so afraid of getting the vachetta dirty that I couldn't carry it. The vachetta on the speedy is is brave as i can be!
  5. I totally agree with you. I would try to clean it but it would annoy the heck out of me.
  6. This is one of many bags I have had with lots of vachetta...I just can not really sucks as I LOVE look but its so hard to maintain...oh well..Im more than sure I can find lots of other bags to carry that will not cause me giref!! Good heavens, sometimes its enough grief just getting the damn things in the house!! No need for added grief!! lol
  7. I try to buy bags with as little vachetta as possible, and then I spray the daylights out of them with protector. I am hard on everything. It irks me if dirt gets through, but I still carry the bag. As a super-clutz, I'm quite used to dirt and stains!
  8. How about something from the damier line.
  9. I undertand how you feel.

    I am so afraid of getting vachetta dirty that I don't carry many of my LV bags as much as I should.:shame: Very dumb but true

    I don't own any with a vachetta bottom except for the stephen and i have not once used it. LOL

    Its for that very reason that I said I would buy more LV shoulder bags (less handling of the vachetta). So far I only have a few.

    I was a bit long winded...but I understand where you are coming from:heart:
  10. So sorry about the stain. :sad:

    I won't buy any bags with vachetta on the bottom b/c I would be ridiculously paranoid about it all the time. Hell, I won't even set my mono's on ground that I think may have staining substances on them even though I know I can wipe it off, at least I don't think I have :confused1: . Have you tried to get the stain out? You may be able to get the stain out to where you can't even see it. I recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Use gently though. You don't want to take the moisture out of the leather.
  11. OMG..Selena always laughs at me cuz I DESPISE VACHETTA!!ROFL!
    One spot or it starts to darken..and its HISTORY!!
  12. You always do Courtney...we could be bag far as our taste!!! I know I could get the mark off my Stephen...I just do not have time and Im bummed!!! Its a great travel bag!! I wish I could just carry my silver speedy!! Its my FAV right now! But it does not match alot of the things I packed so its one mf my damier bags. Great bag to fall back on in winter months!