Vachetta treats from D&B

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  1. I just got a catalog today, and I noticed that some of their new items (a couple wallets, a lipstick holder, and a cosmetic case) are of naked vachetta! Here's an example:

    Naked vachetta scares me, though, but I still think it's cute. What do you think?
  2. Scares the hell out of me. I'm super careful with the vachetta on my speedy, and would hate to have an accessory that I handled a lot made completely of vachetta.

    A cosmetic case? Can you envision the stains? Uggh.
  3. Thats a cute piece I like that heart. I would be afraid to get it dirty.
  4. that is really cute though, i must admit
  5. It IS very handsome. It would look nice with my D&B tassel handbag. I'd just have to keep it in a plastic baggie, LOL.
  6. what other vachetta pieces are there?
  7. It is cute, but I would worry to much about the vachetta.
  8. ^^ I am with you on this one, Purplekitty. They are totally cute, but I would be scared of ruining them! I bet they'll look extra lovely when the vachetta patinas.
  9. I thought the pieces were really cute. I would be so scared that i would get them dirty.
  10. ^^ Yeah, me too. I tend to hold my wallets/purses in my hand and my palms get sweaty.

    I'd hate to have one of those with big, sweaty palmprints on it, which is what will happen if I do get one!
  11. Ooh I didn't even think of that.
    Imagine the wallet with a lovely light honey patina. :drools:
  12. That is cute.
  13. I was thinking the same. :drool: I kinda want the organizer, but I technically don't need a wallet at the moment...:graucho: