Vachetta Strap? (UK)

  1. I'd really like to get one but it seems doesn't have them... and eBay listings seem to have only US listings :sad:

    Does anyone know what I could get one?

    How much are these anyway?

    Thanks for any help!:heart:

    EDIT: I'm also no-where near any boutiques :sad: ...I know it's like a needle in a haystack but I may aswell ask!
  2. what about asking Let-trade or other online Vuitton sites
  3. What kind of vachetta strap are you looking for?
  4. a long one to attach to a pochette.
  5. It runs approximately $75.00. Couldn't you call to locate a boutique for you to charge send? Wouldn't hurt to inquire.
  6. Hmm that's a good idea :smile:
  7. you can oder it over the phone and have it sent to your home address.
    iv been thinking about one too but im no where near a store either.
  8. You can definately order one over the phone.

    I'm pretty sure the UK customer service number is;

    0207 399 4050

    They will give you a price, and also send it out mailorder, anywhere in the UK, if you want.

    Good luck!

  9. Ya i would call louis vuitton and have them send it to you.
  10. Thank you all :smile:
  11. Anyone know the UK retail on the strap? think i may need to get one.
  12. I can pick these up next weekend for anyone who is looking for one. LV charge £12 to mail order small items whereas the special delivery postage would be £4.75.
  13. How much do they cost roughly?
  14. oo I'd completely forgot about those straps it's a great idea you can a pochette kind of "Sophie-esque"