Vachetta softens over time--but what about Damier chocolate leather?

  1. I just posted that I bought an Illovo PM today...but this is my first brand new Damier ebene piece and I was wondering if the chocolate leather will soften a bit over time? Right now the strap is a tad stiff!
  2. I'm sure it will. I own damier, but I haven't had mine long enough for it to soften. Still seems brand new.
  3. my papillon 30 is alot softer than when i first got it......maybe 4 years ago when it first came out?!!!! i used it alot one summer!:heart:
  4. Yes, I think it will soften. I just bought my Hampstead MM and the handles were sticking straight up on the bag, but now after using the purse for a week, I notice that the handles now bend inwards and down. This is good because I really didn't like how the handles were sticking straight up when I had the purse next to me on a seat.
  5. Thank you all! I hope my Illovo softens up soon!
  6. yep:yes: All leather softens over time!! I LOVE when it gets soft!!!
  7. Yep, like others wrote, it softens a lot more than you'd imagine.
  8. ooo thats good to know! My handles on my damier speedy are still rock solid! xx