Vachetta replacement on MC Cles?

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  1. I purchased a Black MC Pochette Cles on Ebay for a heck of a good price, but the vachetta is a little dirtier than I thought... I'm gonna try the baby wipe method first tonight, but I think I'll probably want it replaced.

    Has anyone had this done? If so, how much did it cost you? I'm thinking it's a great excuse to go in to LV this Sunday... ;)
  2. Can they be replaced on a cles? I also bought one from ebay. (I'm patiently waiting for it to come). I hope mine as clean as it looked. So I'm curious to know any responses to your above question. Because it will be my first cles.

  3. well if all else fails, i'll report back from my visit to LV on sunday
  4. you can also try using the mr. clean magic eraser to get it cleaner. just be sure to moisturize the leather after you do, cuz the magic eraser sucks the leather dry.
  5. what would i moisturize the leather with?
  6. a leather moisturizer.. coach sells one.. or you can get it from leather stores/furniture stores.. theres a product out there called Leather CPR that also helps to clean AND moisturize at the same time if you wanna try it also. Leather CPR -- Home Page is the site.
  7. I would say, probably no....since they wont SO accassories, I think replacing vachetta wouldn't be possible either.
  8. I would think it would be cheaper in the long run to just buy a new one.
    Good luck with your attempt at cleaning it.