Vachetta replacement on Manhattan GM?

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  1. I don't know if anyone has had this same problem on Purse Blog, but I certainly did and many others I know too!

    I bought my Manhattan (GM) in August, and just after a week the vachetta straps on the back were stained hideously blue from my jeans. I quickly took my bag to the store for cleaning, and even though they kept it for two weeks and cleaned it TWICE, it still came back blue! It really bothered me for a while but I just forgot about it, since it doesn't show unless I'm not carrying it (the only strap that's stained blue is the one that is closest to my body, ie. the back strap). (Another thing that bothered me was the store trying to accuse me of not carrying it well -- I explained to them this had never happened with my numerous Chanel, YSL or Gucci bags even after years of carrying them, let alone a week!)
    Anyhow, just the other day, the front left pocket suddenly got jammed and wouldn't open, and my cell was stuck in it for a whole day! I finally managed to get it open (actually, my SUPERMOM did!) but then the lock fell apart just a few moments later. Now I have to take it back again! So I was wondering -- have any of you heard of them replacing leather straps entirely? Because when I asked my SA about it in Dubai, he said they wouldn't do it! But I've read a couple posts now saying that people have paid a little over a hundred dollars to get it done.

    Any suggestions and comments would be welcomed and greatly appreciated! :smile:

    PS. I am SO bummed with the quality of LV. This was my first LV purchase and a huge disappointment honestly, (I've always disliked LV but fell head over heels for the Manhattan and still honestly love it to death when I carry it) -- sorry to all the LV lovers in here! :heart:
  2. :wtf: the lock just fell apart!? I would take it back to the store and ask them to repair it for me for free! After all, you've only had it for like, what, 6 months? It's too bad this happened to you and your poor bag... :s

    I'm still kinda a newbie to LV too, but I'm pretty sure they could replace the leather straps entirely. I think the around $100 charge was for the speedies (mono, damier), so it could cost more for the Manhattan?
  3. I'm sorry this happened to you, but I really don't think the LV boutique or SAs were trying to "accuse" you. If you wear jeans, there is indeed a very high chance for colour transfer and this has NOTHING to do with other brands like chanel, ysl, gucci...etc. These brands use different types of leather that are TREATED. LV's leather is "naked" and prone to transfers and scratches. If you do a search, I've mentioned before that I wore a pair of jeans that's gone through the wash numerous of times, it was several months old and still, colour transfer occured. Do I blame LV for using poor quality materials? of course not! that's just the leather's characteristic - an intrinsic property like no other brand.

    Are you sure there's a lock on the manhattan GM?........I might be wrong, but I don't recall a lock coming with the manhattans.......Or you mean the push-lock closure on the pockets? If it's the pockets then, this should not happen. Ask LV to assist you.

    Well I know that changing ALL the leather parts is about 500$, if you want to change just the buckle-strap, I'm guessing somewhere around 100-200? :shrugs:
  4. Sorry for not being clear enough! Yes, it was the push lock closure on the pocket... Literally just fell apart!

    I was hoping for more replies on the leather replacement, but will take in the bag today regardless. I can't wait to get it fixed and carry it around again! It really is heavenly...

    Also, I have to note that I wasn't criticizing the quality of the leather straps, but of the push lock. That really is just unacceptable for an almost $2,000 bag.
  5. Also -- a side comment -- the SA was outright accusing me of not carrying the bag properly, it wasn't just my perception.
  6. Haleh, did you get you bag straps replaced? How much did it cost you/
  7. good luck with the leather replacement. i am so sorry all of this happened to your beautiful bag. the manhattan gm is my dream bag & i would be so disappointed if something like this happened after spending so much on it. i have heard about people here getting the vachetta replaced, but i have no idea how much it would cost. i would imagine that it would differ from bag to bag.

    please let us know how everyting goes!
  8. good luck!
  9. Sorry about your bag. LV should be able to assist you accordingly.
  10. I have this bag and bought it right after it first came out. I haven't had a moment of trouble with mine. Guess I'm a lucky one. I very rarely carry this bag tho. I very rarely use the front pockets and no trouble with color transfer from clothing.
  11. The problem with the push locks on both the manhattan PM and GM is a known issue (my SA told me about it about a year ago). They will replace this for you. I don't know what to tell you on the vachetta. I had my handles, chads and tabs done on my speedy and it ran $145.00, but it is much more expensive on the Manhattan GM because there is so much vachetta and they have to take the bag completely apart. You are probably looking at about $450.00 to replace the vachetta completely - maybe more. Sorry this happened to you!
  12. I can't believe that the lock on the pocket gave you so much trouble. I too would be extremely upset if I spent close to $2,000 on a bag only to have it literally fall apart on my hands. That's simply unacceptable. Is there another LV store nearby that you can visit? Maybe the customer service would be better in that location.
  13. I'm sorry for misinterpreting you. If the SA was outright accusing you, then that's wrong. Explanations are acceptable, but any hint of arrogance/negativity in their tone is not.:yes:
  14. Ladies, thanks for all your replies!

    I called the LV closest to me yesterday, and they said to go to the store downtown at Bur Juman if I wanted to get the bag back faster since I'm travelling... So I'll be giving it in tomorrow and will make sure to update you all!
    My Mom just got me a Speedy 40 last night so I may carry that around for a while until it's fixed! There are some outfits in my closest that only go with LV!

    And by the way, $450 sounds like a LOT to have it replaced...
  15. goodluck but i read before that some encountered the same problem with push locks falling apart.LV will or must repair it. Your bag is less than a year.They will inspect and sometimes if you're lucky they can decide to replace it with a new one. With the vachetta,yeah its realy prone to color transfer whic we must be careful.I actually had the same blue color transfer from jeans in my trouville and manhatan too but that doesn't bother me sometimes we really can't avoid the bag rubbing to our clothes.Goodluck again.