vachetta question

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  1. i purchased my mono totally mm more than a year ago and haven't used it til now (i always find it too big for me and thus ended up using other purse). it has been sitting in my closet in its dustbag. well, i consider using her today so i brought it out of the dustbag. but i noticed that the vachetta has turned into light patina. its not the white vachetta like when i purchased it.

    can anybody tell me if its normal for the vachetta to patina even if it hasn't been used (only tried on)? my closet where the bag is sitting on is also far from the window so there's not a chance that it got hit by any rays of sunlight.

  2. perfectly normal
    it is supposed to darken with time
    if you keep it in the cover it still
    will have a very light patina
    you can't stop it from happening - that is the material
    enjoy your bag :smile:
  3. Yes, it's normal. It will oxidise slightly, even if covered and kept away from direct light.
  4. thank you both for the information! i thought it only turned into patina when its out in the open and getting direct sunlight. glad i have it all cleared now :biggrin: thanks again!
  5. I'll bet its pretty :smile:

  6. Such a great question! I hadn't used my Totally in months but noticed the same thing when I took her out of the dustbag (which is also kept in a dark closet). I was really surprised at how dark it got. I figured a little patina would occur naturally but it was more than I expected. Better start using her more, but it's been pouring for days!! :rain:
  7. she is actually! since i haven't handled her much, her patina is all even :smile:

    how long have u had ur totally? i wonder if the patina happens much faster on the thinner straps.