Vachetta on Monogram Bosphore PM wearing thin? Clearly has a hole!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have two "man bags" lol, the Monogram Abbesses and the Monogram Bosphore PM. The Abbesses I use when I carry too much stuff, and the Bosphore for normal every day. The Bosphore is only 3 months old, and the Vachetta that rubs against me when I walk in one area is wearing thin and now has a tiny tiny whole. Yes, it's authentic. I bought it at an LV Boutique!

    Would LV cover something like that? I thought the Vachetta leather was tough and wouldnt wear like that?


  2. Got pictures Justin? They could deem it as wear & tear...Maybe if you could post pictures, some of the other TPFers could help ;)
  3. wow... i once thought about that bag myself... not now if it's going to fall apart... I am sorry to hear this!
  4. Here is a picture as per request. Remember, it is not bad now, but just think of the future!

  5. Odd. It must be rubbing against something hard to create that hole. Wait and see what others say but I will bring it back to service and see if they can do it for you out of goodwill but chances are slim cos it is wear & tear. ;)
  6. Hmm, but I normally wear sweaters and my belt doesn't have any studs or the sort on it.
  7. Do you have pets that might have bitten on it? Hehe just stating a possibility. But it does look like that section has gotten quite a lot of rubbing compared to the top curved part.
  8. I would definitely take it back to the boutique and have them check it out. If it needs repair, go for it. It's better to take care of the problem now that the hole is still small.
  9. I agree, you should definitely take it back ASAP. It shouldn't fray like that especially it's so new. It hasn't even patinated yet!
  10. So, I took it in and spoke to one of my favourite SA's, and she is the repair specialist too she said, which I didn't know. Anyways, she sent it away for me at no cost, but she said if the factory deems it as too much wear and tear they might charge. She said it's only 3 months old and it's in excellent shape so that's why she did it for no cost. So, it will be back in 1 to 2 months! I miss it, my Abbesses is too big for every day use and people look even more lol.