Vachetta on Monogram Bosphore PM wearing thin? Clearly has a hole!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have two "man bags" lol, the Monogram Abbesses and the Monogram Bosphore PM. The Abbesses I use when I carry too much stuff, and the Bosphore for normal every day. The Bosphore is only 3 months old, and the Vachetta that rubs against me when I walk in one area is wearing thin and now has a tiny tiny whole. Yes, it's authentic. I bought it at an LV Boutique!

    Would LV cover something like that? I thought the Vachetta leather was tough and wouldnt wear like that?


  2. You have me a bit worried now! I just bought the same bag but it will arrive next week. Still tossing up whether I should exchange it for a Soana Trotteur.

    I have heard about denim transfer on the vachetta piping of this bag, but haven't heard about it rubbing so much that it creates a hole! Maybe take the bag into LV and see what they think? Hope someone can answer your question!
  3. Yeah, it has some denim transfer, which I am not too worried about, I knew that would happen and you don't see that part - however, now that it is wearing thin, I don't want it to come apart on me!

    Speaking of Trotteur, I love the Damier Lune Trotteur! I am just not a fan of the regular Damier. The Soana Trotteur is also nice if you want it to be not so in your face.
  4. I love the Damier Lune Trotteur too! But I have a Azur Naviglio and didn't want to get a bag too similar. The Azur has bad denim staining too, so I wanted a bag that I could wear when I'm wearing jeans, and the Damier Lune Trotteur is untreated so stains will stay!
  5. Wow that's some serious wear-and-tear! I would've thought that the leather would be more resilient than that. Could you take it in to a store for a repair assessment?