Vachetta on LV shoes...EEK!

  1. [​IMG] Id have a heart attck wearing these shoes!!!!Wouldnt you?over 400 dollars on ELux....I d have them covered in plastic baggies..ROFL...So cute but could you imagine how bad they would WEAR?:yucky:
  2. I already have a thing about my shoes getting dirty and people stepping on my feet. Ick.
  3. I think first you would have to go and sun bath them many many times until they are #strong enough" to walk with you :S
  4. I love this pair but I know I'd have to baby them to death :upsidedown: .
  5. Cat, those are SO HOT!!!:nuts:

    Jill, I LOVE the pair you got a few days ago (the brown ones). Although the denim ones look great in the pic, I would not pay 400.00 for a pair of shoes that will get ruined the first time you wear them.
  6. my SA told me LV shoes are not comfortable. is that true?
  7. Gorgeous but I would be teriffied to walk in them!
  8. I have several pairs and they are great! I guess it depends on the shape of your feet and the arches.
    I have a real high arch and wears heels everyday.
  9. Those are just :drool::drool: material!!

  10. Not sure I would pay $400 for a pair of shoes period. I love shoes but not that much.
  11. I don't mind getting dirty, since they will patinae quicker because of the platform. But, would not pay $400 or whatever these cost for any vachetta actually.:shrugs:

  12. i have like 10 pairs and yes, they are not the best comfortable shoes ... the only one is the plastic beach slide from MC collection

    im not practically really picky on lv shoes because of this, they are great in term of looks, esp. the classic collection like satin flats etc, but not in term of making u feel pretty and comfy, just pretty and pain
  13. Forgot to add,these shoes retail for $740.00 :nuts: .
  14. wow. i'd get those dirty in like a day.
  15. $400 is a bit much for me as well. I tend to go for shoes in the $200-$300 range, which is enough for me to get shoes that look really good and are comfortable, without paying hundreds more for a name like Manolo or Choo. I like Charles David, Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors, etc.

    Which, of course, means more money for bags. ;)