Vachetta on Brea.....

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  1. Do you protect the Vachetta on your Brea? And if yes, how and with what?

    I am thinking of using a rain/water repellant spray, like Scotchguard or AppleGard, but thoughts that the hardware and the Vernis might be damaged by the chemical is holding me back.

    Please let me hear what you have to say. This is my first LV in 10 years!
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    Sorry, double post.
  3. My Amarante Brea PM :love:

  4. I dont have the brea, but I have tons of bags with vachetta- I spray mine with Kiwi leather protectant- the other day I accidentally put my papillon in a pool of water on a counter- it disappeared, no mark, so I cant recommended that enough-

  5. I don't have a Brea, but I too protect the leather on all of my pieces. Between spray on protectants and saddle soap, they are good to go! My SA always comments on how my "vintage" pieces still look brand new!

    Happy Shopping!!