Vachetta Leather

  1. For those of you that have a Coach bag with the Vachetta Leather, Just wondering how it is holding up and how it looks after a few months (pics would be great!) I'm familiar with Vachetta on non-coach items (LV, etc) but they're not all the same. I bought the Khaki shoulder tote last month and I still have not used it :shrugs: I'm afraid of it getting dirty, lol. I have to either break down and use it or return it!
  2. I have a Coach Hamptons carryall from about 3 years ago (bought it at an outlet off-season) with vachetta leather handles, and just got it out recently after it was packed away unworn for over a year. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the handles had an almost perfect patina on them, and even the vachetta hang tag was the same perfect golden honey color.

    For me, the Coach vachetta seems to be slightly less delicate than the LV, as I have been able to clean stains off it and have never had a problem with water spotting. YMMV, of course, but this has been my experience.
  3. My messenger I've had for like 18 months has vachetta trim. I worried when it got its first little spot...but over time all of it has developed a rich soft color and feel.....I think it looks beautiful now.
  4. Not to sounds stupid...but what is vachetta leather?
  5. Untreated leather. If you get water spots on it, it will stain the leather leaving a water spot mark. But Coach's vachetta seems less sensitive than that of LV.
  6. Ah :smile: Does it look different than treated leather?
  7. It was that whitish beige color when I got it. Now it is a golden beige color after about 6 months of use. I used it in rain, snow, winter and summer.
  8. yup it is less sensitive! i used apple leather care and aplle garde on mine :smile:
  9. I would love to see a picture of it!
  10. I have a couple bags w/ the vachetta leather trim..I usually don't use them as much. I have the spring patchwork hobo & it looks like crap in my opinion, I use it quite often. I hate the process of it has some water spots & the SA says there is nothing I can do about that, so hopefully it will disappear or blend it after awhile. I have the twill tote & I'm afraid to use it b/c it also has vachetta at the bottom of the bag.
  11. Okay you guys....I've had the khaki sig./vachetta shoulder tote sitting on my closet shelf for a month now. Should I keep it or exchange it? What would you do? I love the look of the vachetta now, but will it look terrible after a few months of use?
  12. Later I'm going to try to take a photo of my spring patchwork all tell me if it's normal. I think it looks pretty bad but I still wear it out.
  13. I have a Coach wallet with vachetta leather interior, and a month or so after I bought it I got water on it (the waiter set me credit card down in a puddle of water, I didn't realize until I tried to put it in my wallet and got the inside wet). It stained, but not too noticeably. Mostly it just bothered me. I went to the Coach store and they suggested aging the leather with the Coach conditioner. After a few applications the leather had darkened and the spot was less visible.
  14. I had a mini skinny with vachetta leather and got one little raindrop on it and it stained. So I called up the Coach store and the SA there told me that it does stain, but this is part of the natural beauty of the leather :rolleyes: She then told me to wipe down the all the leather parts with a damp cloth to "even out" the staining ... which just made it look streaky and stained :Push: So I brought it back to the store and another SA was nice enough to let me exchange it for the new tobacco colored one, which is what I originally wanted (khaki signature with darker brown leather) and I'm much happier with this one :smile:
  15. LV's vachetta is more delicate because it is a higher quality leather than the one used for Coach products.