Vachetta Leather-

  1. I bought the legacy slim tote in white and it is made out of vachetta leather and that can not be cleaned. should I exchange it for the natural? I am so afraid to use it because it can not be cleaned. How are the one in natural that some of you purchased. are they looking ok?
  2. Just so you know the natural is vachetta too. I would be terrified to carry either one! I have the whiskey which is fairly dark and the black. But that's just me. I really wanted to get the Ergo tote in white - and it's made with buck leather -totally can use coach cleaner on that - but I was still too afraid to buy white. I got the camel instead......chicken....I know
  3. My Vintage Leather Ergo Tote No. 11011 looks great.
    I am using it at least 80% of the time. I have no stains on it but Coach did advise me that any spots or stains would meld into the leather as the patina forms. This is my favorite bag right now and I love it. That being said I was afraid just like you and sprayed the bag with Apple Garde. This way it is protected. I love this bag so much that I am purchasing the Ergo Vintage Hobo in Vachetta Leather for the next PCE in June. Hope this helps aid in your decision making.
  4. I covet your tote!!! I wasn't sure if you could use appleguard on vintage leather - it didn't darken it??? I was holding off on using it on my whiskey and black shoulder bags.
  5. some people love vachetta, some people hate it. you just have to accept that it is going to darken up a lot over time, I think it's pretty, but a lot of people hate it.

    you just have to decide what works for you, knowing about the patina part going in.
  6. The apple garde didn't darken the Vachetta leather at all. I just used it to protecy my bag from potential stains. In any event I am looking forward to my bag darkening over time.
  7. Which is why I carry a washcloth in my bag when I carry my LV Petit Noe. I am paranoid about the vachetta bottom. I do love the way vachetta looks when it patinas though.
  8. krispin, i agree, once patined its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
  9. Same here, only I have not treated the bag in any way. It has been out in the rain, and last weekend I accidentally dropped it, face down, in gravel in a parking lot (THE HORROR! :wtf: ) and it's fine. The gravel marks rubbed out and the rain spots looks great!
  10. I have the legacy slim tote in Natural, and I just love it. It does need appleguard, which I need to order, but I have the Ali in whiskey and never treated it.

    I just love the leather, and the fact that it darkens is okay. I also just love the whole style--the turnlock pocket, the structure--so it was worth a bit of risk.

    Besides, if it's going to get loved, it will start to look like it after awhile and that's okay.