Vachetta leather replacement?

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  1. Does anyone know if you can have the bottom vachetta piece on a cabas piano replaced and what the cost is if so?

    I am kind of picky about my bags and while I like the Cabas, I bought it off ebay and want to fix the bottom vachetta and the watermarks are more noticable than I thought from the pictures. Should I email the seller and see if she'd take a return or maybe refund some $? Not sure what to do :sad2:
  2. It doesn't hurt to ask. Did she note in the auction about the watermarks? If not, then I would just ask her. As far as getting the bottom panel replaced, I would call LV....honestly, not too sure but I know they replace handles, don't see why they wouldn't replace another piece of leather unless it would ruin the bag.
  3. Yes she did but they are more noticeable than you can tell by the pictures. I'm just not happy w/it as I take reallyg ood care of my stuff :sad2: I could cry as I paid a decent amount of $ for it. I guess I could email her to see what she thinks.

  4. That's what I would do. Explain that although you appreciate her honesty disclosing the information about the bags, pics can be deceiving and you weren't expecting the watermarks to be that noticable. Ask her to issue some sort of partial refund or if she would return the bag since the item wasn't quite what you expected. Let us know what the outcome is too. Good luck!!!
  5. I just emailed her - thanks for your help!
  6. Nice! Let me know what she says! I'm curious to know myself!
  7. I'm sure you could have the bottom replace, but you'd need to do the handles as well so they match.

    they look rather noticable to me, i'm sure they dont look as big in the ebay pic's since it was taken farther way then your picture.

  8. Right that's what the bummer is :sad: I couldn't tell till I got it that it was worse than I thought. I'm sure it'll fade in time, but I can't deal with it lol. The handles are still super light, not even patina'd at all so I think replacing the bottom would be ok, but then the corners wouldn't match! I hope she lets me exchange it for another Cabas or get a refund...we'll see!
  9. I forgot to ask if she stated a return policy in her auction?
  10. that actually looks like a pretty nice botom. I bought a cabas off ebay and I took it to LV and asked them to look at it and give me a quote on replacing the bottom. the problem is, if you replace the bottom then you are going to want to replace the handles too so they will match. and you can do all that but I think it is about $600. to do it all. I bought an alma where the bottom was replaced. I then took it to LV and had the handles replaced for $160. now I have a new alma. My cabas is my go to bag and I don't have to worry about it since it is so well honeyed. I would take yours to LV and ask them to moisturize it and clean it for you or get suggestions. You could find out about conditioning the whole bottom and then the spots wouldn't show. The cabas I bought was from Asia and she put a conditioner on the brand new bottom so it wasn't the light, light patina. I asked her why she would ruin a perfectly new bottom and she said that is what they all do over there because it protects it from small water spots and from oils and will still honey over nicely. Now I am going to put the same conditoner on my brand new handles. they'll still be light but not as light. Good luck. I love my cabas, but I would never buy new because I'd ruin it right away.
  11. Like you my cabas is a no worries bag, I purchased it used for just that eaze of mind. I guess that is part of purchasing used, if you're not willing to get past the *used* part of the bag you shouldnt buy used.

  12. Loren thanks ! that's very helpful. I would have to ship it to Boston as that's the closest to me. I did call today and they said they could call me with an estimate once they saw it in person, but if it's $600 forget it! Only thing is I like the very light patina and want to treat the bag so it stays more lighter than darker. I would have treated the bottom with applegard waterproofing spray and be very careful about where I put it. I'm pretty careful w/my bags especially LVs. I do understand about it being used but had I know the watermarks were more noticeable, I would have held out for one without them :sad:
  13. I noticed the same thing with my Alma...I barely used it and it got some watermarks too...I think its the nature of the "NAKED" bottom"...its gonna happen no matter what.......I like my LVs more used looking...I guess its a matter of preference!
  14. Yes, you can have it replaced. That's one of the reasons why I'm having doubts getting an Alma. The bottom vachetta gets easily dirty.
  15. Sorry to interrupt but Jasanna I just love your avatars, first Bob Ross, now Beaker from the muppets, makes me smile! :lol: