Vachetta Leather Protection

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I just got my new neverfull MM in monogram print and i dont want to use it until the vachetta leather is protected. Any suggestion on how to protect my vachetta leather? I have seen this Lovin My Bag vachetta protection however not too sure if they ship here in Singapore. Hope you guys could help me.. Thanks....
  2. I just finished treating my bag with LMB products yesterday for my Berri MM. I used the Pre-treatment and Protection because the vachetta is new. I have yet to try it so unsure on long term results, but chose this based on about 4 weeks of research. I was torn between this and the Patina Champ process, but will more than likely incorporate some sunlight to help with the patina. You can search this forum and find a LOT of information. Good luck! :smile:
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  3. There is a thread about wrinkles in the handle of an Artsy. There are some pictures, including mine, of the wrinkles that were caused by LMB treatment. I understand that most people have not had a problem using LMB, but some of us did :sad:. I will not treat my bags anymore.
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  4. Wow, good to know. My SA advised me not to treat my vachetta, so I've been afraid to try anything.
  5. ok! I need help to find LMB! I'm in Canada and the website is horrible...the Canadian number listed is a private residence and I can't find any on Can someone please point me in the direction as where I can get my hands on some. I have a used Noe that needs to be treated on the bottom and cleaned., Thanks

    PS If I want to clean and treat a bag (not new leather) please tell me what products I will need :smile: TIA
  6. I just read the thread u mentioned. It is horrendous! Thanks for sharing
  7. Hi, I live in Toronto and I just bought some a few months back. Here is the link that I ordered from. I paid $95 (incl shipping). I paid with PayPal.
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  8. I used this as well. Well i would prefer the wrinkling than cracking though.
  9. Question to monogram lovers, if i store my lv monogram bags inside a cabinet and take it out from time to time (not outside tbough), will it slow down the patina? I store them with silica gel to suck up moisture. I am really not fond of the patina. Anything i can do to slow down the patina?
  10. Don't store them with the gel, use the silica beads in the packs, that you get inside boxes of shoes.
    Keeping your bag in the dark should somewhat slow down the patina. You should use Love Handles from No Sacrifice Bags, to keep the oil on your hands from making your handles black.
  11. I would recommend the patina champ method. You can do a search to find the thread. I have used this on all of my mono bags with great success!
  12. Just curious if the people who used LMB avoid carrying their bags in the rain/snow? I used it on my Delightful but I'm still afraid to take it out unless there's no chance of rain. It's my first LV and I don't want to screw it up!
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