vachetta leather help (i know i spelled that wrong..)

  1. so i have the khaki/brown signature satchel. i had it for two hours, and i was sitting on the couch admiring it while my boyfriend was signing my yearbook, and he goes and gets pen on the leather part of it. i asked the coach store, but they said that you cant put anything on the vachetta leather...i tried the coach leather cleaner (prior to knowing that that's BAD) and that kind of..made it worse. if anyone knows how i can get this pen off, pleeeease help me!
  2. Take it to a leather shop or drycleaner who specializes in leather maybe they can help! Kill the bf!
  3. I got pen on my messenger in a few the leather darkens it became MUCH less when I look at it it doesn't really bother me...
  4. Call the Coach Customer Care number...they are better equipped to help you than the store itself.

  5. LV users have said that Mr Clean Magic Eraser works on their vachetta leather, maybe try it on a discreet corner of your bag and see if it causes any damage. If it doesn't seem to hurt the leather, try it on the pen spot.
  6. ^^ Yeah, I've used it on my LV before ... it REALLY dries out the leather, though, so you'll need to moisturize it afterwards ... I've used the Coach moisturizer, but I've heard saddle soap works too.
  7. Here's a trick that some PFers have tried with success (and I tried it on one of my leather hobos too and it worked). Get a bottle of rubbing alcohol (it's like 85 cents a bottle at kroger) and dip a cotton swab in it. Blot the cotton swab on a paper towel to get rid of the excess alcohol and then gently rub it over the pen mark. That should get rid of it! :smile:

    PS - if you're nervous about trying this.. try it on the underside of the vachetta handle at first and you'll see it doesn't damage the leather.
  8. You are not supposed to use the coach cleaner/moisturizer on the vachetta.
  9. I asked tke SA in the outlet about it cause I was buying the bee flap and there was a mark on the leather and she said there's no way to treat it so she went to the back and got me two to pick from. They won't recommend anything but you can try what others have suggested. I'd try them in a discreet area first.
  10. The moisturizer will "age" the vachetta a bit, which is why they suggest not using it. In a situation like this, though, aging is preferable to big spots.
  11. I once got blue dye crocked onto the vachetta part of a Coach Soho tote, and AppleGuard cleaner got it off w/o leaving any sign it had ever been marked or cleaned. But I've never tried it with a pen mark.
  12. Exactly! Also, if you're going to use Mr. Clean & moisturize it, make sure you moisturize EVERYTHING so it tans evenly. But it will just speed up the tanning process, which some people like and some people don't. :shrugs: I figure it looks better than having pen on it.