Vachetta/handles replacement?????

  1. Hi!!! Have you ever exchanged/replaced the vachetta and handles of any bag from any LV store in the US? I have my LH (5 month old) which I take as much care as possible, but I really don't like how the vachetta looks like. I'll post pictures asap, but I've been thinking about taking the bag to the store and replacing the vachetta and handles. I'm worried about taking the bag and that it would look as if It's fake after the replacement. Any advise??? Thanks to all!
  2. Hehe i recently purchased a reade pm from a friend but the vachetta is disgusting! I want to get it replaced too, but she doesnt have the receipt anymore. I want to know as well in this thread if the LV store will do it in Australia without receipts? First timer here that's why...

    Also i wonder if they do it in Aus or do they send it some where else?
  3. any LV store will replace it for a small fee. no receipt needed.
  4. well...the fee def isnt small from what i hear.
  5. Every bag has a different cost for lether replacement. I am not a fan of dark leather either...
  6. I just asked my sa.
    I want to have the leather replaced on my 2 bags : Saumur & Speedy 30. She inspected my bags, then said my bags will have to go to CA for repair.
    The rough quote is $535 for Saumur and $380 for Speedy. ((for all leather part))

    My sa said the might not do it since the estimate cost is higher than 50%, but she will let me know first.
  7. seee......pretty pricey.