Vachetta Ergo Hobo... or tote???

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  1. I can't decide. What do you guys like/dislike about either? Thanks!

    BTW, I'm 5'10" with some meat on my bones. TIA
  2. I'm 5'5" with a lot of meat on my bones. *L* I have the vachetta large tote. I LOVE it. It's comfortable and stays on my shoulder. The good thing about it, is that it looks good and stays the same shape with or without a lot of stuff in it. With the hobos, I don't know if they still look as good when they're less full. As I recall, I think they tend to look a little deflated.

    I definitely like both of them. Actually, I'm contemplating buying a large ergo hobo in turquoise next!
  3. LMFAO at meat on my bones.

    and i would go with the tote, although i kinda want a black hobo.
  4. These are two different styles, the tote can be all accommodating though, whether you carry a little or a lot.

    When I carry my tote (mostly because it just looks good) my planner, wallet, wristlet, are way down there laying flat at the bottom. It's such as easy, lightweight bag, the most sophisticated tote. I like hobos but don't like the zipper closure.
  5. I own the Ergo Vintage Vachetta Tote and the Vintage Vachetta hobo. If I had to choose just one bag it would be the tote. I love this bag so much that I am finding it hard to decide on something to buy at the PCE as I just don't want to carry anything else right now. I may just get the Small Ergo Patent Tote No. 11012 which is available to order on May 30th. It comes in red, black and mahogany. Just get the tote, you will love it and it is my second all time favorite Coach Bag!
  6. thank you, I was hoping you would chime in!
  7. I have the Ergo Medium Tote in Khaki and I love it!! It's the perfect size for me, I'm 5 4" It holds everything I need to carry--it always stands upright and is so comfortable to wear on my shoulder.
  8. Okay, I just got back from Coach, and I ended up buying the last Ergo Large hobo in turquoise. Trying it on in the store I had some trouble with the hobo staying on my shoulder. With the tote, I have no problem at all. The manager was the one helping me, and she said once I fill the bag up it shouldn't slip like that. I just got home, so I haven't filled it yet. We'll see. So far, my vote is definitely for the tote. I didn't need to fill the bag to have it stay put on me. I think even ifthe hobo works out with stuff in it, my vote would still be for the tote though.
  9. Tote. Just my personal preference.
  10. bumping! help me decide! I still don't know!
  11. What is your first, the Ali?? You are making me want the tote also. I do not have any of the Ergo line.
  12. I say the tote. I love mine! I am 5'9".
  13. My first alltime favorite Coach Bag is Coach Ergo Hobo
    No. 9228 from 2002. I bought that bag twice. My second is the Ergo Vachetta Tote, my Ali's are in third place.