vachetta ellipse!

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  1. I absolutely adore it!! :love: :love: I've always thought the all-vachetta bags were strikingly beautiful! :heart:
    So far, I have seen 3 styles: the ellipse MM, the petit bucket, and the noe. :smile:
  2. I like it more than the mono Ellipse.
  3. These are so ugly
  4. I don't like
  5. i :heart: the all vachetta bags, but so far this one is my least favorite. (i do like it more than the mono elipse though) the vachetta almas and speedies are tdf! however that could be due to my preferance for each bag shape....(not a fan of the elipse, LOVE almas/speedies) thanks for sharing!
  6. I've seen a picture of Angelina with a vachetta Alma, they're nice but would take so much work to keep pristine!
  7. All vachetta looking bags just don't do it for me... I don't know why, they aren't ugly, just different.
  8. the vachetta bags all look kinda plain... i don't like any of the ellipses at all...
  9. is this easy to get dirty?
  10. I love the shape...
  11. it looks strangely a plucked chicken, or something.
  12. It's nice but I'd be too scared to use it!
  13. Not one of my favorite style bags. The vachetta bags look too plain to me.
  14. looks nekked....I don't like it.