Vachetta Borough - any updates!?

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  1. I ordered this bag about six weeks ago, ordered all the various products I've read about people treating with on here, and yet it it still sitting in the dust bag because I'm afraid to clip the tags, treat it and carry it...even though I love it! I had a bad experience with the only other vachetta Coach I ever had (the Lily satchel) so I think it's fueling my fear, in spite of all the other wonderful reveals.

    So...has anyone been carrying their vachetta Borough and how is it holding up? What can I expect? There were already a couple little marks when I received it and I don't want to be afraid to carry it though I do recognize that I might have to be a bit more careful than I am with some of my other bags. Thanks to anyone who is able to share their experience in's finally getting spring-like around here and I'd love to use this bag for Easter!!

  2. I did apple guard so far and nothing else and it looks beautiful. Go for it!