Vachetta and steam..??

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  1. Hey guys!
    I bought a speedy about 2 weeks ago and I want it to patina faster. Now I read on here that someone but theirs in the bathrom when they took a steamy bath and that helped a lot. Now I was thinking of putting my speedy in the room with the laundry-dryer in it (when the dryer is on ofcourse) because that steams a lot too. But I was wondering, my mom said it will get "wet" (like the windows and mirrors, they get "wet" too when it's steamy) shall I take the risk and put speedy in the room with the dryer or shouldn't I?
    Does anyone have some experience with vachetta and steam?
  2. I don't know anything about steam, but I think direct sunlight would help and you don't have to worry about wetness that way.
  3. i love when the vachetta looks aged also :upsidedown:

    it gives it that vintage look :graucho:
    i think sitting in the sun will def work, but make sure you take the lock off! or else it'll tarnish AND leave stains~
  4. Hmm... I agree with jellybeanz I think it'd be better to tan it in the sun rather than steam it, it might grow mold or end up smelling of damp or something.
  5. Hmmm, I'll like to know really...
  6. Okay! I was just wondering. Ofcourse I don't want my bag to grow mold :nogood:
  7. I used baby wipes and it patinaed fasted and even :yes:
  8. Leave it in direct sunglight in your hot car. It'll patina very quick!
  9. Babywipes- this always works! Not sure about steam, it might turn out uneven....
  10. I tanned mine daily for two weeks in the tanning bed on a clean white towel. Worked beautifully! (just don't use lotion - LOL!)
  11. So how do the baby wipes work. Just take it over the vachetta a couple of times? And are there any types I shouldn't/should use?
  12. steam is very tricky. water droplets might only leave darker spots. we've used extra virgin olive oil or a good hand lotion (something natural oil-based, alcohol dries the leather) to tan the vachetta. put a VERY SPARSE amount on your hands and massage it on the leather. if you want it darker then massage a little more oil/lotion, building it up to the right tan you like. the key is to do it in very little, baby, minute steps. never do it in one go. NEVER. i'll say it again.... very very very very little oil on your first attempt. sunlight also helps, but i'd keep it away from extreme heat.

    n.b.: tread with utmost caution. i am not to be held responsible for any mishap.
  13. I heard that you can leave the bag in the car in sunlight and it'll tan, just dont let it get jacked ;P

    edit* haha Razor mentioned it already up there!
  14. Be careful. In time it will develop a nice honey glow...can't you just wait. I hate doing anything to the is NEVER the same after you tamper with it unnaturally.
  15. ITA- SA's recommend that you let it patina naturally and not treat it in any way. Plus it's fun to see all the different stages it goes through!