Vachetta and Patina?

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  1. So what exactly is vachetta and patina, and what LV bags are they one? Is there a difference? Any info would be helpful!! :confused1:
  2. Vachetta is the natural coloured leather trim/handles on the Monogram and Vernis lines. The patina is the oxidization over time of the vachetta leather that changes the shade of the leather. HTH! :yes:
  3. Good description! I'm not a huge fan of heavy patina. Just me! I love brand new vachetta!!!! Gorgeous!
  4. So what happens when you go out in the rain with vachetta? And what about patina?
  5. If you get the vachetta wet, it will leave water marks. Eventually they will become less noticeable as the patina becomes darker. Some tpf members have used various cleaning agents to remove water marks. I myself have never tried this. I just don't take my bags (w/vachetta) out if the weather is iffy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.