vachetta and klutziness

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  1. the fact is i am the queen of klutziness. today at dinner i knocked over a went everywhere! all over the table and splashed on the bench where my no name purse was sitting. the only thing i could think as i was cleaning up was how glad i was that i wasn't carrying a louis right then. which made me think...i know that i am a special brand of uncoordinated, but i can't be the only klutz out there that loves LV. how do you ladies protect your investments?
  2. I usually put the purse in the empty chair next to me and push the chair in so it is covered. If the chair is an open area where the waiter will bring food and there may be spillage, I will put it on my lap, behind my back, inside a jacket and if I don't trust any of the surfaces I will leave it on my shoulder. Sometimes I may even bring the dustbag and leave the bag in the car and carry my wallet only. It may be extreme but I like to keep my bags minty mint.

    I know some people use purse hangers to hang on the end of the table.
  3. If it gets ruined, buy a new one - that's my motto.

    But..I also enjoy bags that don't look perfect..that look used.
  4. Well, you can get the vachetta parts replaced by LV.
    Shining Monkey products are supposed to be very good at protecting the leather from water stains.
  5. I am very careful. Because I cannot afford to spend $1000 on a bag and be careless and run out and buy a new one. I think about what I am doing and where I am going. If I am going out to eat....with the kids I bring a sweater so I can throw that over my bag just incase there is a spill. (I usually put the bag on a chair next to me). I have been llucky and I have not had any major spills or mishaps..but I do think about my circumstances and sometimes I just wont wear ones with alot of Vachetta or new Vachetta. I did go to Friendlys once with my four year old and for some reason I just picked a cheaper Coach bag that day and sure enough he spilled one of those razzblue drinks everywhere. I was so relieved I didnt have my LVs! I use my DUOMO alot in cases like this. I dont have to worry about that one at all. Its wipes off so easily.
  6. I'm a klutz! I bump into things, I knock things over.. Yes, I am a klutz! :shame: However, I am super careful with my LVs and I have not harmed them in any way :love:
    Be extra careful, hopefullty you'll be able to keep your stuff clean :P
  7. What I did is buy a speedy cheap on eBay (an authentic one) that was used. It was in perfect condition, the vachetta was just already the honey color and I paid around $250.

    I don't have to baby that bag- I use it as my every day bag and don't really care about taking it out in the rain and things like that.

    Then I have other LV's that I am more protective of that I would just use once and awhile like my CB pochette and cerises speedy.
  8. I agree with keepall boy.Love it,use it,let it age and if something awful happens get another one.They are making them every day!:biggrin:
  9. well buy a bag that will stand up to pop and ect
  10. I usually hang my bags on my knee ... I dont feel comfortable leaving it in a chair next to me ... I am super freaked out by pickpockets and fear someone might just run by and snatch it! ... crazy I know .. I dont even hang them on the clips some places have under their tables .. I am afraid I might ruin the handles ... the safest place for me (as a mother of 8 and 3 year olds) .. is hanging on my knee with the lap napkin placed strategically over my knee to cover the handle ... or ... just on my lap!!
  11. thanks for all your replies! i plan to use the heck out of it, and i love the look of well loved bags. that said, i cannot afford to run out and drop a couple hundred dollars on a bag if something were to absolutely ruin it a la rootbeer all over the vachetta handles. :smile: this speedy i am saving for will be four months of savings all told. (we have disposable income, i just like spending it right away, not saving! heheh) i like the sweater/napkin idea. i think that will work best for me...that's what i planned on doing when it was raining outside (i live in oregon. it rains. i deal.)

    does anyone know if they replace the handles, do they replace just the top parts, or the little diamonds of leather attached to the canvas too?

    thanks again for everyone's help! good to know i'm not the only klutz out there! :smile:
  12. Usually, I just put it on the chair or desk next to me. Usually, I carry a plastic bag in my purse. If worse comes to worse, I put the back on the floor and put my LV on top of it.
  13. I am going to put a bag in my purse tommorow. I got caught out in the rain with my brand new Speedy a few weeks ago and I was so scared to get the handles stained I put the purse under my shirt. I got alot of stares......oh well. NO water marks!

  14. Hey, that's a GREAT idea! :nuts: I'm definitely going to keep this in mind next time I'm out at a restaurant with my bag. I usually put it behind my back with my jacket covering it or put it on the empty chair next to me.

    Speaking of empty chair, I went to a shabu shabu restaurant today. It was really empty when I first got there and we were seated at the bar so I put my LV on an empty chair next to me. The restaurant started to fill up around me. All of the sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder so I turned around. There was a lady holding up my LV by the handles and said to me "excuse me, is this yours and can I have this seat?" For some reason, all I could think of at that very moment was "eeekkk... she's TOUCHING my LV, especially the vachetta handle, with her yucky hand!!!" :evil::cry: So I grabbed it from her and munched away at my lunch angrily. I felt violated for some reason! I think I have a problem... :lol:
  15. ^^ I'd feel the same way too! It's your property and she had no permission to touch it unless it's a situation where she instinctively grabs it for you to save it from being splashed by a falling glass of water or something.