Vacheta question, I still don't understand how

  1. the vacheta on a mono speedy can patina evenly - Is it the air that creates the patina or contact with your skin? If skin is the answer, don't we all grab/hold our speedies the same every time? How do you keep the handles from darkening more in one area? I would love to understand this process better. I have never used mine. Thanks.
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  2. I think the interaction with everything does it. The air, the elements, your hands, etc. It's naked leather that hasn't been treated so in time it will naturally darken. Most speedys I see DO have more darkening in the middle where their held. I don't think there's any way to stop it, unless you always try to hold it on your arm instead of in your hands.
  3. the handles will always darken the most and the quickest. for me, the piping is WAY lighter than the other parts on my speedy. however, i dont care, i only care if both of my handles are the same color and patinaes evenly!
  4. As stated above, it is a combination of air, humidity, temperature, light, and the oil from your hands. My speedy has an even patina on both the handles and piping. I carry my speedy with a scarf on the handles, so the handles never come in contact with my hands. Therefore, eliminating the dark, dirty patina that we sometimes see.
  5. If we could all wear gloves everytime like the famous Audrey Hepburn photo, that would be best - not a good idea for Miami -
  6. Yeah..the handles definitely patina faster. My mom's old Speedy has the most patina on the handles and the little leaf things where the handles are attached to the bag are the lightest.
    But it IS a combination of everything that makes the vachetta patina the way it does. I like it because the patina on every bag will look different!
  7. I think cleaning your vachetta periodically and using a leather protector (make sure it can be used on untreated leather) can slow the patina process...I have Apple Leather Care and the non-aerosol version of Apple Garde on order and I heard they are great for cleaning vachetta and protecting it.
  8. I think after all of this, I'm going to have to get Damier - I'm a pathetic worry wort - too much stress. I'll be in Paris in 4 weeks so I think I'll pick up something in the flagship store (where I originally bought this mono 30 (6 months ago) I don't seem to be a person for whom vacheta is a good idea. Thanks for all comments. And I totally know I'm ocd about my bags.
  9. it's okay, I think many of us are OCD about our will love the low maintenance damier speedy then!!!
  10. Enjoy your future purchase.
  11. from my experience with my first speedy, I touched the handles and held them thinking my hands are clean it was ok. But one handle looks a tiny bit darker than the other. always carry it on the crook of your arm or wrist and dont touch them if at all possible. I keep my bags near a window and they turn very quickly on their own. If you didnt wear your bag for a few weeks and kept it in a room with alot of light, you will notice it starting to deepen. just try not to finger the handles and it will be fine. good luck!