Vachee Liegee Kelly?

  1. Ok ladies.. I need your help. Yesterday me and mom went to Hermes Singapore, and we saw a 28 cm brick rigide vache liegee kelly... I mean I love it... and she's confused. Btw, this kelly is for her, not me. So the question is...

    How hard is it to get a vache liegee kelly?

    She wants a 28 cm rigide kelly but this kelly is a tad expensive. As this one is around the price of a 30 cm birkin, and her SA just told her... it'll be her turn to get a birkin soon (less than 3 months away in Singapore) she ordered it in 2003..!!!! :wtf: ... So she's confused... Any comment will help... She put it on hold for a day.... until today's after lunch (which is 3 hours away)... shoot....!!!
  2. Btw, it's not that she cannot afford the birkin if she bought this kelly. She just don't want to buy something that is not worth it.

    So is it worth it to get a vachee liegee kelly? Or not?

    Btw, imo, the brick is gorgeousssss... it's not at all that red... it's more of an warm brown orange color...
  3. I don't think it's that hard atm to get vache liagee. I think others have said that VL and swift are turning up more and more lately. There's been VL one (a sellier 32) in my store for the past 2mths! I feel sorry for it and want to rescue it from the shelf, lol. And yes, the price is quite high. Actually, it's more than what I paid for my 30 clemence Birkin.

    If your mom is unsure, then leave it. Is it a colour and leather she LOVES? Or is she thinking of getting it just coz it's there?
  4. Man, I love that color in VL!!! I saw it only once in the Manhattan store and I let it go!!! If I ever see it again IT'S MINES BABY!
  5. Vach liagee is the most expensive leather among non-exotic leather. I have seen a Kelly for like ~$7500 before tax (I think it was 32cm..I don't remember...I was just shocked by the price!) in Vach Liagee leather:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    But it's sturdy and light (lighter than togo or clemance for sure IMO..) and holds the shape of a bag really well.
  6. ^^Yes, one thing I love about VL is that it's so light! And I think it's a fab leather for sellier Kellys, apart from box and chevre, that is;)
  7. Get the Birkin, Kelly is must easier to get, IMO
  8. I'm not big in VL at all, if you're looking for light and hold the Kelly's rigid shape well, go for Chevre. I love my fuchsia chevre rigid kelly to pieces and it's more expensive than togo, but it's worth it.
  9. I'm not a big VL fan but I do like it in that color (I've seen it in a P-B, not a Kelly.):flowers:
  10. Vache Liegee is the lightest of the sturdiest leathers! (does that make sense :blink: )
  11. Ok... Let me remember that... N I'll let her know... Thanks ladies...
    We'll see if she get that kelly... I'll post later...

    Btw, I think she just want any leather that can hold it's shape... and chevre can do just that... I still think VL is a little more expensive.. Anyway gotta run ladies... Thanks for the comment.. I really appreciate it :smile:
  12. ARRRGGGHHHH.... :crybaby::hysteric:

    Wait for my next thread... for me to tell u what happened...

    Let me breathe first...
  13. OMG! What happened?!!! Shall await your story. Pray share.
  14. wellow, what happened?

    BTW, I have a vache liagee Bolide in brick which I love. I got mine several months ago so they are definitely around... It's a perfect bag for a person who wants color but lean toward more the muted, neutral colors.
  15. Ditto. :smile: