Vachee Liagee Kelly... Part 2...

  1. Let the unveiling begun.... :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:



    Ok... This is it for now... Not to tease... but I need to take the picture of the bag... n the bag with my mom... n the bag with me.... and then post it...

    Be Patient Ladies...~!
  2. OOOHH, it's a strip tease show...
  3. ^^ So your/your mum bought the bag! Great, then what's that all about? Shouldn't this be a joyous occasion? :confused1:
  4. What????
  5. Uh-oh, what's going on Wellow? :sad:
  6. so you bought it??? Hope your mom loves the bag, otherwise maybe you'll get it, wellow. BTW, do the H stores in Singapore or other Asian countries have the same return and exchange policies as around the world???
  7. Wagh! Pics!!!!
  8. Oww sorry misssparkles...

    The :crybaby: was tears of joy.... and the :hysteric: was my frustration for going to the store twice and being jet-lagged, tired, and hungry after buying the bag. And mom still refused to get out of H-store LOL... Whereas I already went around the store plenty of times to know where everything are...

    But now I'm happy, giggling girlishly with mom, and really full :shame:
  9. ^^ Phew! Thanks for clarifying! I so love happy endings. :yahoo: :yahoo: :P
  10. So here's the full story...

    DAY 1 - Yesterday

    Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom and her friend (who is more H-crazed than her and have tons of H bags)... And then she told us that the H-store in DFS Galleria has much nicer SAs who are more willing to show as kelly and birkin bags even though it was reserved for others (compared to the other 2 H-store in Singapore)... For those who knows the stores here, the one in Takashimaya has the rude-est SA among the other stores... and the one in Liat tower is not much better...

    Anyway, we went to DFS Galleria... My mom and me did not realized there's an H-store in DFS Galleria... BUT...It was I guess our luck that there staring at us in the store is a 28 cm RIGIDE VACHE LIAGEE KELLY in BRICK... I was already drooling.... realllll badddd....!!! The color was just divine....... It was between potiron and cognac with a red undertone... (I totally agree with tokyogirl that brick is for those "who wants color but lean toward more the muted, neutral colors") In other words, it was PURRR-FECTTT!!

    My mom had decided to keep it on hold for a day....
  11. ok WELLOW, YOU'RE KILLING US! that's a beautiful bag - now if only we can all see!
  12. DAY 2

    So we didn't go back straight to the H-store... I went to lunch with my dad and cousins first (as they're going back to Indonesia today and I won't see my dad until next month :crybaby: )... And after a long mid-morning and mid-afternoon detour, we finally reach the store at around 2 pm... Apparently, my composed mom is not confused at all... After looking at the bag, she immediately decided to get it...

    BUTTTT... I can't believe she forgot this... SHE FORGOT HER CREDIT CARD!!!... Ok, and we did try to use NETTS... Since it was over $5000, we can't use it... So we have to go back to the house again. After running some errands, we finally reach home at around 4-5 pm in which we have to send my dad and cousins to the airport.

    Anyway, after what seemed to be a looonnnggg day to me (esp. after waking at 5 am and sleeping only for 5 hours), we managed to reach the H store again only at 7 pm. We got the bag....and as I said before, I was hungry, tired, jet-lagged after around 1.5-2 hours in the store chatting with the SA... I crave to be at home... Sitting and eating dinner... No more craving for good restaurant food.... I just want to go home.....

    And I did... PHEWWW... Here's the pictures.... MOM refused to take any picture as she has gained several pounds lately... :P


  13. I love how this picture turns out even though it's blurry...... It shows how the kelly stands still among all the commotion on the background.

  14. gorgeous kelly... love the contrasting white stitching..congrats
  15. Is it just me? I can't see any pics?:confused1:
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