vache naturelle...plume...would you??

  1. Been looking for something in a natural leather and recently saw a cute 28 plume in vache naturelle. My first reaction was, yes!, but I'm wondering how the flat surface of the plume will lend itself to "patina-ing." I've seen a few vache naturelle bags lately, so maybe it's not as hard to come by right now?

    Would a kelly or bolide look better in this leather over time? Please share your thoughts!
  2. This leather is untreated, except for the chemicals that are part of the regular tanning process, mostly vegetable dyes. So, it will pick up water spots, dirt, and grime very easily. Some people find this to be the charm of the leather and is part of the patina-ing process. If you can live with it, go for it, because I know several members have been in the hunt for this particular bag over the last year. If the spotting is going to bother you, a good alternative is natural chamonix. Chamonix is treated with a resin to make it stain resistant, so it is less likely to develop the markings that VN would. It does develop a patina of sorts and ages similar to box. Over time it gets shiny, but we are talking years, so it will lose that matte finish it is famous for.
  3. I´m not fond of the natural leathers but I may be partial since it rains a lot here.
  4. i think it would be pretty!
  5. me too. I have a 36cm HAC in vache natural. I still have not gotten over the hump of just using it and letting it age yet though.

    scares me but I love it!
  6. double post - oops!
  7. Sounds lovely to me! Esp. if you have other bags to use and it wouldn't be the only one....
  8. hi mizzle! you know how i love natural leathers -- but a plume seems to need a bit of a squish factor in the leather, which VN does not have. so i wonder whether VN is a good choice even though i love it to bits. have you seen the bag in person?
  9. ^^DQ, most plumes are made of stiff leathers, box, epsom, chevre, chamonix.
  10. hey dq ~ you and your gorgeous collection have been quite an inspiration, and may take some credit if I end up with this one! I did see the bag, and it looks good in vn.

    HG, I too think of the plume as more of a firm leather shape--epson, box, chevre--to keep the top zipper from deflecting up or down too much. I'm wondering, though, if the patina will develop unevenly on the front--will it be concentrated on the center of the bag?--and look unattractive. Am I overthinking?? Forget box and exotic anxiety, vn fear must be much worse!

    A piece of trivia, the hermes stamp is on the inside in gold. The bag's in the boutique, so it's definitely authentic.
  11. ^^^If anything, the patina will develop faster on the handles.
  12. I should really take a pic of my Vespa with some minor war injuries. The water marks actually blended quite well...the diet coke however left a bit discoloration, but nothing to panic over.

    I would get the Plume in a heartbeat, but know it will not be pristine for very long...oh and VN is nothing like LV's vachetta either, so the cleaning tips do not apply....
  13. please do post a pic!
  14. I will later..Dh took the camera to work....
  15. oh yeah! I need something to make me use mine!