Vache Naturelle Birkin and Barenia HAC: too similar???

  1. Just a hypothetical question, but I'm curious to know what you all think...If you already have a Vache Naturelle Birkin, would you get a Barenia HAC, or is it too similar???? TIA
  2. that is funny duna bc I was asking myself the same thing but I am opposite of y ou

    you 35cm vache and you might want HAC barenia.

    me 36cm HAC and I want a 35cm barenia birkin...or 32cm HAC.


    screw it. I am going to do it.
  3. ^^^Oh good! I'm glad I'm not the only one to have these strange ideas!!LOL!;)
  4. nope, its going to happen. :smile:
  5. nope, not crazy! b/c then you'll send me the barenia one out of the goodness of your heart!!! lol.
  6. Anything Barenia, you should get, regardless if its similar, I dont think it is by the way.x
  7. Too similar???? Hmmm....:nogood:. I just got a barenia and I would get a vache natural too if the only one I could find wasn't so dang overpriced!!!!:cursing:
  8. Well, you know me.....I'd do it!!!! LOL! I think Barenia is in a class of its own, Duna and I know you'd love it!!!!
  9. Hey, if anyone is offered one and decides to pass, I will fly!x
  10. Barenia is Barenia :girlsigh: :love: As long as I could afford it I would jump without thinking twice about it

    I would die for a Barenia HAC but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon :s
  11. You cant go wrong with barenia. I would get the HAC in a hot second. I am woozy just thinking on it. The color as it ages will end up very different from your VN.

  12. If I were offered one, I'd buy it. I asked my SA...and she said that their boutique hadn't gotten the allotement that some had. Too bad.
  13. They may look a bit similar but they are different styles and very different leathers so it's not as if you've backed yourself into a monotone ghetto. If they seem attractive to you and you like the tones go for it. How they age over time may be markedly different and fun to live with too.
  14. Hiya doll! Nah, they're not too similar. My motto has always been "buy what you love..." Have you seen a barenia HAC IRL? My only caution is that barenia is one of the heavier leathers. So with that said, I'm sure whatever you choose to do will be A+ in my book!:tup:
  15. I'd do it, Duna. I think they're different enough, and you would suit an all-barenia bag so much!