Vache Ligee Anyone?

  1. I need your help.:confused1:
    I purchased this gorgeous Black 35cm Souple Kelly last summer. My SA thought the Kelly was Togo. I believe it's Vache Ligee.:shrugs:
    Please post your thoughts.:yes:
  2. lovehermes, there is a lot of reflection in your photos so it's hard to see the grains. It's definitely not Togo. But yes, my guess is that it's VL. VL glistens.

    This is funny because I'd a conversation yesterday just about SAs misinforming customers some times.

    Do you still have the receipt or the paper tag? It will say exactly what leather it is. Another clue is the price. I think the price differential between a Togo and VL is close to USD700.
  3. LH, I agree with you; I think it's Vache Liagee as well! It is absolutely gorgeous.
  4. mrssparkles...I know about the reflection. I bought this digital camera last year and I still don't understand it.
    The price last summer was $6400...a new Togo Kelly 35cm is currently $6100.

    Thanks Orchids for the compliment!
  5. It's vl! I am almost positive! I would be happy to see it in person to let you know for sure Lovehermes! It really is gorgeous!!!!!!
  6. ^^oh that would be very nice of you Jag!!
  7. Lovely kelly. It looks like vl in the pics, and it seems like it was priced a little higher, as is the case with vl.
  8. Oh how fabulous is your Kelly! Looks like VL to me too, esp with the darker hills and lighter valleys. Just beautiful. This is a leather I'm quite fond of. I think the sheen, and texture, the light n dark, makes it all rather interesting!
  9. I would agree, it's VL, from the price and the sheen. I have a VL 35cm Kelly and although it's gold, you can see the similar undulations and sheen:


    Here's togo, there's no dewiness, it's very matte:

    vlgoldkelly.jpg agenda.jpg
  10. ^thanks...allaboutnice! By comparing your Kelly, mine now looks like VL!
    BTW, I love your Kelly!!

    mizzle and serenity now...thanks for the compliments and explaining VL to me.
  11. Lovehermes: I bought a 32 VL Souple Kelly last September, paid $6,150. Your bag does look like VL, it is gorgeous. I just love that leather, so durable.
  12. Love that Kelly LH and that gold one is just devine!
  13. Thanks janney and kellybag!
  14. I am almost positive that it's V/L. I have almost the exact same bag only with palladium hardware (and I really wanted the gold). I purchased mine at the San Francisco Hermes last July for $6100 plus tax.

    Allaboutnice, only four months after I purchased my black V/L Kelly I received a call from my SA saying that she had a 35 cm. gold/gold Kelly available for me. I had to turn it down at the time and now that I see your lovely bag I'm so depressed that I had to miss out.:crybaby:

  15. Oh don't you fret, lol. They are both perfect. I am learning too, the hard way, that the minute you have your dream bag, your eye and mind start considering the next one...

    I also have a VL Bolide, VL is great for this style if you like the structured look rather than the soft mou. I like both but for now I have the 31cm Bolide in VL but I would love a mou clemence 37cm at some point. Here she is, noisette VL:


    bolide1.jpg bolide3.jpg