Vache Liegee

  1. I went into the H boutique look at the leather book today to decide what to order for my first Birkin. I know that I want a black 35 with gold hw. My SA suggested vachee liegee because I wanted a thinner/more structured bag. I don't know too much about this leather. Does anyone have any pics or suggestions? I looked at epsom as well and my SA said that the black Birkin isn't always offered in black.
  2. I have a gold VL Kelly, and absolutely love it! It is very durable, and absolutely gorgeous IRL! Pictures do NOT do it justice! I promise you that!

    Emanu1016, has a Black Kelly in VL with gold hardware that is TDF! I am sure she will post pics- and as you will see, VL in black is really divine!

    If for some reason you find that it is not for you, you should also consider Chevre (pretty durable) or Box (can easily be refurbished). Both are structured, lightweight, and truly gorgeous!

    Good luck on your decision!!!! Keep us posted!!!
  3. did vache liegee ever have a heyday? i have never seen it IRL, although jag your bag is gorgeous!!!
  4. Thanks so much jag for your quick reply. My SA showed me a large travel bag in black VL today and I really loved how structured it was. I really want a Birkin I can use everyday, something I won't ruin. Do you know how it handles in the rain? Living in London it's something i have to constantly worry about :sad:. Also, I don't have a car yet so the public transportation is really rough on my bags. The VL seems tough and durable as well.

    The SA said that Chevre and Epsom are usually only offered in the brighter colors only.

    I have to wait a little more before I place my order so I still have time to think.
  5. alo6, Katel has a 35cm Ebene VL Birkin. You might want to ask her for her first hand experience with her Birkin. It's in the same size and leather that you're considering.

    VL gets my vote. It's thinner (like you wanted) and it's sturdy (like you wanted). Hermes uses VL for luggage because it's very durable.

    If you want a reseller's perspective on VL, you can also PM Pete (luxury-zurich). I remember Pete has a men's messenger bag in this leather and he toss his bag around with little care.

    You might want to check with your SA and ask about availability of VL and if you place an order, how long you'd have to wait. I haven't seen much VL appearing at my store, and my guess is that production has somewhat slowed down for VL.
  6. Thanks so much for all your tips mrssparkles. The timing is a good thing to keep in mind too. The SA had suggested VL so hopefully she will be getting some in. She said she was waiting for her orders to be confirmed before she starts to take names.

    I just looked up photos of jag's VL kelly and it's so beautiful.

    If the VL takes too long or if I can't get it, my SA also suggested togo. Is the togo really slouchy? My mother has 2 birkins in courcheval and I really love their look. My friend has a 35cm clemence and i don't really like how soft it is. Is togo in between the sturdy and slouchy?
  7. I just found Katel's ebene VL birkin. It is amazing. Jag is right though. The leather looks so much better IRL. I just hope I can order the birkin in VL.
  8. Here is a Bolide that is in VL (brique). I am sorry I don't have a photo of it without the flash. I personally love VL and would jump at getting any bag in this leather. (Slightly off the topic, Mika's blog showcased a VL in Rose Dragee which I believe was described as a 2 year SO).

    Also, I think Baggaholic has a bag in a VL (not sure what it was though).

  9. alo6, based on your comments, I would not even recommend Togo. It won't meet your needs.

    It's best you keep to VL, Epsom and Box. Box however needs more care in using, as scratches are easily sustained. That said, you can have them buffed away at the H store. But if you are not accessible to a H craftsman, it can be quite a pain.

    Follow up closely with your SA. Sounds like she is really trying her best to help you get your birkin. Good luck!
  10. tokyogirl, you're making my heart palpitate! VL in Rose Dragee?! :yahoo:Where's the pic? Where's the pic?
  11. mrssparkles -- sorry, my mistake!!! I just went back realized that I incorrectly read "vache rose" (is there such a color?) as vache liagee. This is the bag that I mistook (now that I look at it, it looks nowhere near a VL).

    Sorry to hijack post...
  12. tokyogirl, at a time like this, I wish I can read Japanese! Gets me really excited.

    Is it the bag that is right in front of her blog right now? The one she's photographed using her mobile phone? The pale one after the Toundra porosus?

    I wonder if it's Rose Naturalle.
  13. Thanks tokyogirl and mrssparkles. Box is really beautiful and I am close to several H boutiques but unless I get a car, the tube/buses are just too brutal. I would worry about it too much.

    I really love my SA. I only met her recently and she helped me get a 30cm rouge garrance clemence birkin for my mother during our first meeting. I'll have to go pester her again.

    I'm going to dig around the previous post for some images. Although I should head to bed since it is past 3am here:sleepy: TPF is becoming an addiction. I'll be off to rehab soon with the Lindsays, Nicoles, and Parises.

    Also, is it true that the VL is the most expensive? Is is much more that togo/clemence?