Vache Liegee vs. Togo or Clemence or Fjord (Only)

  1. Hi all, need your leather expertise....thank you in advance! :cutesy:

    I am considering a Birkin this year and I was really set on the leather, but now the more I learn/hear about H leathers, I am driving myself nuts! :nuts: I *thought* that I wanted a Birkin in Togo or Clemence for durability/fixability.

    Then someone mentioned to me that Vache Liegee was the "toughest/most durable." But in the Hermes(Groupie's) Leather Book it states that VL's "2 tone effect will be difficult to regain with deep scratches." (Knowing how clumsy I am...I thought 'uh, oh!' :nogood:)

    Then there's Fjord...water repels off (nice! I like that!), but I heard it was the most expensive of the four leathers. Is that true?! :confused1: If so, by how much?

    I apologize if this has been discussed, but I didn't see anything regarding these 4 specific leathers and their pros/cons. If so, point me in that direction and I'll be on my way to read up. ;)

    I am really open for advice, opinion, or fact based on your personal experience with these leathers....and I really appreciate the help. :flowers:
  2. this is my 12 cents:

    fjord is pretty with a flat lacy grain; and light but often very stiff (best pro is long term shape of bag)
    vache liage is light and super stiff and a little too "hard" for my taste but offers a very elegant and dressier bag because of the tiny grain
    clemence is heavy, can collapse a bit, is super durable but very sportive as they say
    togo --if the grain is small and even is my fave. keeps its shape, very durable and a nice looking on small to large bags--can go sporty to dressy
  3. Actually, Vache Liagee is the most expensive non-exotic leather at the moment. Fjord runs about the same as Togo.

    VL has a nice sheen to it and is somewhat stiff; I really love VL in structured bags like the Kelly. I have seen some used ones with visible scuffs and that did bother me somewhat, although I think you have to really bang it up for that to happen. Some people don't like the fact that it has a bit of a plasticky look to it (quote from an SA in FSH); regardless, I still love it.

    Fjord is very matte, and shows off bright colors quite nicely--love it in Rouge VIF! It is thick and hearty and has a bit of a masculine tone to it.

    Togo is an all-around leather, basic, flexible without the floppiness of Clemence. If you like slouch then Clemence is the way to go and it shows off colors beautifully as well.

    I have found Togo & Clemence to be the most resistant to scuffs and scratches from personal experience so if you want a workhorse, they may be the way to go. If you're concerned about rain, I never have issues bringing my Togo out in light rain.
  4. Hmmm....I'm not too sure if Clemence is all that durable. It doesn't take scratches too well nor the rain. There's a scratch on my Clemence and the colour came off. I understand from my SA that the rain can leave water marks on Clemence if you're not careful.
  5. EK, I'm curious, what color is your Clemence? My workhorse is my black Clemence Lindy and so far no issues with rain or scratches.
  6. My Clemence is a Potiron Kelly. I don't know how I managed to get a scratch on the back panel, and now there is a 2cm white streak. I've left it at the spa and hopefully the craftsman can fix that. As for rain, I have no issues with it but my SA warned me to wipe off the droplets immediately or the would mark the leather.
  7. i thought chevre was the most expensive non exotic?
  8. VL is = to or more expensive than Chevre. I think they are fairly similar in price actually now that I think about it.
  9. T - It was your Lindy that I feel in love with and ran out to buy a Lindy!!! I loved how beautful it look with your gray coat!

    Well, I wish I could offer more advice on the other leather, but I do own a VL black w/gold hw 35 Kelly. I LOVE that bag. VL is a wonderful leather, I personal have used her in the rain (not on purpose) and she held up beautifully. The grain is one of the most unique IMO. With the two tone effect, I feel it really give the leather a great dimension. And it is stiff, but still has the slightest of slouch to it. I have heard that some feel it does have a plastic look to it, but I honestly 100% don't feel it looks plastic at all. If I did I surely wouldn't have purchased her. BUT it is one of the most difficult leathers to photography so if you can see this leather in person I would highly suggest you do.

    I'll try and post a pic of her for ya.
  10. Chevre is slightly more than Liegee. For example, this past autumn, a Birkin 30 in Liegee is $7500 and in Coromandel is $7650
  11. Thanks Hermesaholic, orchids, evekitti, emanu1016, seton!! I really appreciate your input! :flowers:

    I am okay with stiff or slouchy, I like both. My main concern in selecting a leather is the durability (esp. corners). Then, off course, there's the color issue...I really want my first Birkin to be a "camel" color. If I can't find the color I want in any of these three leathers, I am just going with a black Birkin and calling it a day... :p

    Looks like Togo, Clemence or Fjord is the way to go! :tup:

    Thanks again!
  12. I have togo, clemence, and VL in different bags...I prefer the togo over the others on a birkin. I think it wears better over time.
  13. I like VL for bags like sellier kellys. I saw a gorgeous one in brique -- simply beautiful.

    I like the softer, more casual leathers for birkin, like togo and clemence (have both). My clemence is several years old and is not as slouchy/floopy as the brand new ones I have seen coming from the boutiques recently, which seem almost melting.
  14. I have a VL 35 Kelly (sellier). It is very durable and I do not not think it is plasticy (I think it is less "plastic" than the Epsom) but it is also stiff. The bag seems pretty overpowering to me because of the comboof the sellier style and the VL leather.

    Alot depends on how much slouch you like. Clemence is the sportiest and slouchiest, as others have said. Togo is next and I personally like Togo alot. Fjord is pretty stiff.
  15. This is a very interesting thread. I have been thinking about these leathers as well. Unfortunately, I can't help with your questions, as I am fairly new to Hermes.

    I too was very interested in the Vache Liegee and the Fjord. I think that is because I have seen some gorgeous bags in these leathers.

    So, I'll be checking back to see everyone's opinions to this question.