Vache Liegee discontinued?

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  1. Sorry but something in another post led me to ask, is Vache Liegee discontinued?
  2. I don't think Vache Ligee is discontinued. My Feb PO was vach ligee, and it was a possible choice for another order that I am placing. Keep in mind though, sometimes the SAs are not as up to date on the availability as they should be. Perhaps you are correct, but as of Saturday, I did have a conversation regarding one of my favorite leathers!! I do love it so much!! Along with epsom which nobody seems to care for...:shrugs:
  3. Hi Maggiemoo, I have not heard that. I placed an order for a black, Vache Liegee Plume.
    I think the poster must have been wrong?
  4. maggimoo, I think I know what post you are talking about. It's vache lisse (sp?), not vache liagee, that is discontinued.
  5. OH yes, I was mistaken. Thank goodness given my Feb PO was an ebene VL kelly. I ADORE THIS LEATHER!!
  6. Ladies, why do you like VL??

    Please talk me into it! I'm serious.....I've only played with it once and briefly in the store and just right off I thought it felt stiff.

    Up until recently, I've loved the softer leathers most....clemence especially. Now, however, I'm leaning more toward the structured leathers and VL would fall into this category.

    Why do you like it?

    Thank you!!:smile:
  7. Dear Isus,

    I don't have a bag in VL yet, but I've waiting for one I've ordered.
    So far I only saw the samples in the leather bag and a couple of bags in this leather in the boutique - Bolide and Paris Bombay. There are few reasons I like it.
    -I really like how this leather shows the colors. I was looking for a bag in Blue Indigo and liked it the best in VL. It gives the color the multidimention that enhances it, IMO. My favorites in VL are Blue Indigo, Noisette, Rouge H and Ebene. Blue Inigo in VL is not too dark, like in Box or Evergrain.
    -I also like the shine that VL has, and I've heard that it develops the beautiful patina over the time.
    -I think it's specially perfect for the Sellier style. I saw the Kelly in Rouge H and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was a perfect day to evening bag IMO.
    Not too serious for the day look (like black Box), but still dressy enough for the evening out.
    -I have a bag in Veau Grain Lisse and really like it (I don't find it "plasticky" at all). I also find it quite different from Epsom, since the small grain has color dimension - just like VL.
    -It's reputation for being very tough leather (it was used for luggage).

    Again, I don't own the VL bag yet, but looking very forward to.
    I'm planning to use it for travel and daily use, so VL seems the perfect choice.

  8. I'm with you hermesmonkey...

    :heart:epsom, my kelly 32cm, gold, ph, is epsom,

    and :heart:vache liegee, my 35cm birkin, brique/ebene, gh

    not so popular here, which is good for us! ;)
  9. I wonder which will take the Black colour better? (better and darker saturation)

    VL or Chev or Ostrich?
  10. now is 2009 so is Vache Ligee discontinued now?:confused1:
  11. nnnNNNOOOOoooooo, didnt get a chance to PO one, need to :sos::nuts::chatty:SA
  12. ok I don't want to mention any SA names but I was told this spring in NY that Vache Liegee was discontinued. My girl friend and I was really disappointing but now in love with a new leather from last year tadelakt. but then it's more like box. please confirm if anyone else has heard this from and legit source. Thanks TPFers
  13. I was told the same thing by an SA at the Beverly Hills store in June pocketyee. ^^
  14. Vache Liegee is has been discontinued. There is a new skin called Vache Trekking that is a replacement, of sorts. I have not seen it yet, but it is supposed to be similar.
  15. I was told in February of this year VL was discontinued and replaced with Trekking. I, too, am a fan of VL.