Vache Liagee

  1. Hi gals,

    I would like to learn more about Vache Liagee - weight, durability, etc.. any information would greatly appreciated! How does it compare to chevre?

    Kat99 - what color is your Vache Liagee birkin? I am in love with that color/leather combo! :tender:
  2. Hi fopduck!

    My Birkin is the regular "gold" color, it's more close to the typical darker gold hue in real life, in the photos it is a lot lighter for some reason. The hardware is palladium.

    I don't know much about this leather, it seemed rather delicate but my SA assured me that it was very durable. Another lovely TPF member also told me that there was a men's messenger bag made out of this material so Hermes must deem it to be at least pretty hardy material. It is lightweight, definitely lighter than other leathers like Clemence or Togo..probably around the same as goatskin although I haven't had the opportunity to see a goatskin Birkin in real life yet :smile:

    I was told that it is the most expensive calfskin leather, probably a little more expensive that goatskin too (not totally sure about that). It is a naturally stamped leather with a very light, superficial grain. Something weird about this leather is that my color Birkin is heat stamped rather than printed in silver...however other colors I've seen in this material have been printed.

    Hope that helps...I'll post more if I remember anything...I'm pretty rough on my bags and have not been giving the Birkin any particular delicate treatment and it has lasted so far! :tender:
  3. Thanks kat99, that was great info. I really don't know much about that leather type. I would love to see a really close up picture. Do you have one? I may go do some searching to compare the look of it.
  4. Here you go Kellybag - this is a black vache liegee I have been listing on eBay - it has palladium hardware and therefore the Hermes stamp is in matching silver

    It is a wonderful leather, super durable and scratch resistant and as Kat said very very light - HTH

  5. Flossy that picture was so helpful! Is it just me or does it look similar to togo? Is it as soft? I love the fact that it is lighter!
  6. It seems more similar to epsom? Enlighten us flossy!:shrugs:
  7. I think you are right addicted- i just went and looked at more pics of the various leathers- definitely similar to epsom.

  8. Hi, it is lighter but not as soft as togo. It is a stiff leather like Epsom is but is "naturally" embossed leather, which is why some of the colors have a heat stamp on them, versus Epsom which is stamped manually.
  9. Vache Liagee is supposed to be on par with box for longevity - and it costs as much (or possibly more) than box. :smile:
  10. Thanks kat99 and flossy for the helpful information and pics! I hope this is not a stupid question but what is the difference btwn "natually" embossed leather and "?" embossed leather? :blink:
  11. fopduck- there is no such thing as a stupid question around here! Ask away, that is what this whole forum is for! And its a great question!!! I can't wait to see the answer.

  12. I feel sooo out of my league with this question so somebody please correct me if I'm wrong! The SA explained this to me when I was considering an Epsom card holder when picking up the Birkin....the Epsom leather is "pressed" by humans or what not to get that type of textured look while the Vache Liagee hasn't had it's grain/leather pattern altered. I "think" this is correct...
  13. Sorry ladies for the late response, have just returned from dinner and about to crash off to sleep LOL

    I would say that it is not similar to epsom imo other than as Kat and Jag mention, it is stiffer than togo. It is similar to togo in appearance, but not as bobbly for want of a better description (ie. it is a bit flatter)apparently it is stretched in 8 different directions to get this effect.

    Greentea you are right, it is the most expensive of these leathers and on par with the box in terms of price and it is super durable. As the one I have been listing on eBay is brand new and never used, I am guessing? it will like the other leathers, soften. For example Clemence (which is one of my favourites in terms of visual appeal) softens to the most glorious buttery soft appearance quite quickly and even Courchevel which can appear as dare I say, cardboard initially, softens beautifully over time.

    Kat, yes it is super light, even more so than togo and in terms of embossing; natural means the stamp is not in gold or black (will attach below a pic of a chamonix Birkin I will be listing shortly that shows natural embossing) whereas usually the Hermes stamp will be in either gold or silver to match the hardware.


    HTH ladies, I'm off to bed - night, night:tender:
  14. Thanks Kat! That does make sense :flowers:
  15. flossy- That was awesome! Thank you!